After a peck, Dayane and Aline make out in the bathroom: ‘Catching, right?’

The mood is heating up between former “Big Brother” Italy contestant Dayane Mello and actress Aline Mineiro in “The farm 13″ (RecordTV). At dawn today, the people started exchanging kisses again in the middle of living together. and they even went to the bathroom at the headquarters of the reality show.

Dayane and Aline gave a peck in the headquarters room after the farmer’s test – which was won by the influencer Gui Araújo. The actress even hugged the former participant of the “Big Brother” from Italy and praised her for her charisma.

The Farm 2021: Dayane and Aline kiss the room - Playback/RecordTV - Playback/RecordTV

The Farm 2021: Dayane and Aline kiss the room

Image: Playback/RecordTV

“You are a very good person. You have a beautiful glow!”, he declared.

Afterwards, Aline went to the bathroom for a relaxing bath to go to sleep and exchanged intense make out with Dayane in front of MC Gui, who was surprised:

“My God. Look at this, guys!”, shouted the funkeiro.

dayane he laughed at the funkeiro’s surprise and played with the scene seen by the pawn:

Makeup, right?

Laughing, the singer asked the pieces to feel free to do what they want in “A Fazenda 2021”.

No, it’s still there, for God’s sake. You want to kill me!

Open relationship

Aline Mineiro entered “A Fazenda 13” living an open relationship with Leo Lins. In an interview with Talk Flow podcast, the ex-panicat stated that she likes to get involved with women and there are no obstacles due to the relationship with the comedian.

“They always ask if he accepts me with other men, but I don’t feel like it, if I had, I would talk without any problem. I like to pick up other girls better, we have a consensus there, there’s always a message from a girl who send something and [acontece] if we think it’s cool,” he said.

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