Anvisa is against Brazilians coming from England to defend the team

After Anvisa action that led to the abandonment of the Argentine field team at the beginning of the game with the Brazilian Team, who drew attention to the restriction of people traveling to the United Kingdom 14 days before arrival in Brazil, the problem may come to light with Tite’s own team, if CBF obtains the release of English clubs of the summoning of the athletes who act in the Premier League and the initial position of the supervisory body is not to release.

In an interview with Mauro Cezar Pereira on the program divided, do UOL Channel, Alex Campos, director of Anvisa, states that the agency’s position in terms of exceptionality is conservative and that, as Brazilian citizens, players would need to spend 14 days in quarantine on arrival in the country, a factor that prevented, for example, Willian from acting last weekend by Corinthians. On the other hand, he admits that the exception could be granted, as it depends on the prior approval of a group of ministers, in the same way as for the holding of the Copa América in the country, in July.

“Anyone who has a history of passage through these 14 countries, who is foreign, cannot enter Brazil, they have to do a quarantine outside Brazil. So, if you have a history of passage in the last 14 days in the United Kingdom, India and Africa South, they cannot enter Brazil if they have been in these countries in the last 14 days. The Brazilian is an exception to the rule, he can enter Brazil, but he has to be in quarantine. You will ask me ‘Alex, how did it happen at Copa America ?’. Ah yes, a special protocol was established for these players and then there is what we call a bubble protocol, it enters through an airport, it is monitored by the local authorities”, explains the director of Anvisa.

“The requests for exceptionality are submitted to this group of ministers who issue the ordinance. Anvisa is currently consulted, as well as other ministries are consulted as well. So, the request for exceptionality is addressed to this group of ministers and it is this group of ministers who establish whether or not they will accept the exceptionality. Anvisa is firm in the original protocol, Anvisa defends the original protocol and the original protocol is negative RT/PCR, 72 hours of flight and the protocol that is in the ordinance, that’s it Anvisa’s position. Now, Anvisa does not decide on exceptionality”, he completes.

The question about exceptionality in the case of the October games would not only be for the players of the Brazilian team, who would need to go through quarantine if the exception is denied, but also for athletes from other teams, as Brazil faces Uruguay and , if there is no exceptionality also for athletes from foreign teams, Edinson Cavani, from Manchester United, you cannot even set foot on Brazilian soil if you arrive less than 14 days after leaving the UK.

Alex Campos explains that Anvisa’s position is always conservative, but that in the case of an exceptional decision by the group of ministers, what the Brazilian agency seeks is to reduce the risks.

“Obviously, when the decision is made, Anvisa is concerned with minimizing the effects of this exception that is created, obviously a health risk option is made within a restricted group, that is, those players who can. Because it’s like this, they already come, I’ll give you an example, they already come with negative RT/PCR, arrive in the country, do a two-day RT/PCR test, we really establish a protocol to try to minimize it. , should be removed from this group, so it has a trajectory, it has a logic”, explains the director.

“But if you ask what Anvisa’s position is, what Anvisa’s decision is, Anvisa’s decision is always conservative in this moment of great uncertainty, where scientific evidence calls us and invites us to a position of great caution, for dissemination of variants, mutations, in which the country’s protocol is a protocol that complies with an international logic, so I think we should restrict ourselves to complying with what already exists, which is already difficult to comply with, it is not a simple thing, people need to collaborate, so the truth is that the soccer Brazil mobilizes the social, economic and institutional sectors of the country, so this is a fact of reality”, he adds.

Server realized he was tricked in Itaquera when listening to anthem

In the interview, the director of Anvisa also discusses the case of the match between Brazil and Argentina for the South American qualifiers, says that Argentine players Buendia, Lo Celso, Martinez and Romero had already been informed on Saturday that they should be quarantined at the hotel, but even so, they went out to train, in addition to going to the Neo Química Arena. He also mentions constraints with attempts to prevent the Yunes Batista server from having access to the athletes and that his arrival at the match venue occurred 1 hour before the kickoff, but his entry into the field was an extreme act.

“He is sitting in an area, he notices the national anthem, he already realizes that he was deceived there by the sports authorities, he goes there, ‘let’s call the Civil House here, we’re trying, a decision will come’, and he calls me : ‘is there a decision?’. I said Yunes, there is no decision, there is not, this has already been overcome even by the Ministry of Health, there is no alternative now, your mission is just to segregate or promote the isolation of these players, simple as that, and the match goes on, we have nothing to do with the match, we just have to choose other players, just as Brazil had to call up different players”, says the director.

“That was the limit, it was the imponderable, the imponderable, because it was already a reiteration. In the morning, on Saturday, they know they should be in quarantine, on Saturday afternoon they are reiterated by various authorities, they break the quarantine in training to At night, later, the Federal Police arrives at the hotel, they leave with the delegation”, he concludes.

The director of Anvisa also explains in the interview the cases of Willian, from Corinthians, and Andreas Pereira and Kenedy, both from Flamengo, says that the Formula 1 it will also need an exceptionality request and defends the agency from critics about seeking the spotlight with football.

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