Bolsonaro creates institutional conflict that hinders the economy, says Meirelles

The Finance Secretary of the State of São Paulo, Henrique Meirelles, said today that the President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) is creating an institutional conflict that hinders the economy.

“Bolsonaro is creating a conflict. He is now in a situation where the economy is not experiencing the crisis of the Dilma period, that’s why the situation from a political point of view is not so agonized,” he said during the UOL Interview this Thursday (16).

For Meirelles, there is still not enough Congress adhesion to be impeached, because “politically we still don’t have that crisis we had in 2016, for example”.

He points out that he would support Bolsonaro’s impeachment, because “from an institutional point of view, to the extent that he begins to insist on these threats, he deserves impeachment.” However, for him, the measure will not happen.

economic problem

The secretary also countered the speeches of the minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, that there are negative “narratives” in the Brazilian economy. “We have an economic problem, the country is not growing and the perspectives are that it will not grow next year. This is a fact,” he said.

However, he points out that the economy is not yet in recession. “There is a risk of stagnation if the Central Bank is not able to strongly control inflation, which is becoming increasingly difficult”.

third way

Meirelles stated that he believes in the third way and that he supports the governor’s candidacy João Doria (PSDB), which, according to him, is “showing results”.

“I believe that the 2022 election will prevail, as opposed to the 18 election, the management, the ability of a ruler to show results. In 18 it was very much based on against everything and against everyone, it worked out.”

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