Chamber accepts TSE decision and revokes the mandate of Deputy Boca Aberta

The board of directors of the Chamber of Deputies accepted this Thursday (16) a measure by the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) and unanimously revoked the mandate of Deputy Mouth Open (PROS-PR).

In late August, the TSE decided to revoke the diploma of the deputy, whose name is Emerson Petriv. The court’s collegiate also ordered the immediate resuming of the elections for the position, so that the nominal votes received by Boca Aberta would be counted to the party.

The deputy had the mandate of councilor revoked by the City Council of Londrina (PR) in 2017 for breach of parliamentary decorum. As a result, he would have been ineligible for eight years. In 2018, however, he managed to register his candidacy with the help of an injunction. With that, he was elected federal deputy.

The TSE’s decision was forwarded to the Board of Directors of the Chamber, responsible for giving the final word on the case.

The board of directors is formed by the president, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), the first vice president, Marcelo Ramos (PL-AM), the second vice president, André de Paula (PSD-PE), and four full secretaries : Luciano Bivar (PSL-PE), Marília Arraes (PT-PE), Rose Modesto (PSDB-MS) and Rosângela Gomes (Republicanos-RJ).

There are also four alternates: Eduardo Bismarck (PDT-CE), Gilberto Nascimento (PSC-SP), Alexandre Leite (DEM-SP) and Cássio Andrade (PSB-PA). Bivar, Nascimento and Bismarck did not participate in the meeting.

Mouth Open was also the target of a representation in the ethics council of the Chamber presented by the PP. In the action, he was accused of making unfounded accusations against deputy Hiran Gonçalves (PP-RR) and of invading a UPA (emergency care unit) in Paraná.

The process was reported by deputy Alexandre Leite (DEM-SP) in the ethics council. In his opinion, Leite had recommended the loss of the mandate of Mouth Aberta.

In his assessment, it seems clear that the revoked congressman “distorted the exercise of the position of federal deputy, making abusive use of his constitutionally guaranteed prerogatives to affect the honor of his colleagues”.

The representation against Mouth Open should have been voted on this Wednesday (15), but Leite asked for it to be removed from the agenda with the argument that, after the TSE’s decision, it had lost the object.

At the meeting, Open Mouth threatened and cursed the reporter of the process. “You’re an ordinary person, you bastard. Let’s go to hell in the Plenary,” says Boca Aberta, who offended Leite’s family.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Leite said that, “backed by the process that is running in the ethics council, of which I am rapporteur, deputy Boca Aberta launched hysterical and lying attacks against me and my family”.

“This is the typical reaction of those who are at risk of impeachment and have no alternative but an unfair and slanderous attack. I will not bow to these bravado and insults, I will continue to act fairly and correctly in the ethics council, even if the final decision is for the deputy’s impeachment.”

On Thursday, Leite praised the decision of the Board of Directors of the Chamber, which, according to him, demonstrates respect for the Judiciary and “is in line with the ethical and moral values ​​of society and which repudiates intemperate behavior”.

“The permanence of this citizen in Parliament would damage the image of the Legislature, as this is not the first time that this person has incurred a breach of parliamentary decorum,” he said. “By effectively complying with the judicial decision to revoke the diploma and revoke a federal deputy from Boca Aberta, the Chamber of the Chamber respects and does justice to Brazilians and, above all, to the people of Paraná.”

At this Thursday’s meeting, Lira also suggested the return of face-to-face work on October 5, arguing that the Senate and STF (Supreme Federal Court) would resume face-to-face activities.

In the face of resistance, the president of the Chamber agreed to schedule the return for October 19th. Despite this, deputies say that it is still possible that there will be changes in the schedule due to pressure from lawmakers against the measure.


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