Congresswoman Tabata Amaral announces membership of the PSB

Federal Deputy Tabata Amaral announced that she joined the PSB, during an interview with the program Conversa com Bial, which will be shown this morning.

The interview that is part of the series with relevant personalities in the 2022 elections also had the participation of the mayor of Recife, João Campos (PSB), the deputy’s boyfriend.

Tabata justified the decision and rebutted criticisms about her association with the same party as her boyfriend:

“My trajectory in politics is independent and likewise the conversation with the parties was independent,” he said.

“And I think it’s so natural that João and I are in the same place because we have a very shared vision of Brazil,” he added.

The fight with the PDT

Tabata Amaral was authorized to leave the PDT without losing his mandate, after a long legal dispute. In 2018, when she was the 6th most voted deputy in the State of São Paulo, with 264,450 votes, the congresswoman rose on the platform of Ciro Gomes (PDT).

The following year, however, she and seven other Pedetist deputies had their activities in the party suspended because they had voted in favor of the Social Security Reform, contrary to the orientation of the acronym. In order not to fall under the Law on Political Parties, which provides for the loss of the mandate of a deputy who resigns without just cause, Tabata claimed to the TSE that he was suffering political discrimination.

The PDT suspended the congressman’s activities for 90 days, removed her deputy leadership in the Chamber and prohibited her from occupying seats in committees or voting in assemblies.

Dealings with the PSB began with the mayor of Recife, João Campos, and progressed in São Paulo with former governor Márcio França. The deputy received from the PES leaders the signal that she could run for mayor of São Paulo in 2024.

Gilberto Kassab’s PSD also held talks with Tabata and even the PSDB even probed her, but negotiations did not move forward.

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