Cristiano Ronaldo moves mansion after being bothered by ‘sheep noise’

Cristiano Ronaldo barely arrived at Manchester United and is already in his second different home in England. The Portuguese man and his family moved to another mansion after being bothered by the bleating of sheep in the surroundings of the property. The information is from The Sun newspaper.

According to the Daily Mail, the first mansion has seven bedrooms, is in Cheshire and is valued at 6 million pounds (about R$ 43 million). Cristiano Ronaldo’s new home is worth £3m (£22m) and belongs to Andrew Cole, a former United player. The property has a cinema room, swimming pool and garage for four vehicles.

“Although the property is beautiful, it is also close to sheep, which are very noisy in the early morning. Ronaldo is a real professional, who bets a lot on rest and recovery after the games. So he decided it would be better if he and his family to move,” said a source at The Sun.

The Portuguese’s wife, Georgina Rodríguez, even posted a sequence of images of the family outside the first house. Some of the photos show Cristiano’s children near sheep.

In addition, the player was concerned about the lack of security in the first mansion, as there is a path close to the terrain. The new home is monitored by cameras, an electronic gate and is guarded by security.

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