Europe tour and lots of beaches: what Grazi has been doing after becoming single

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16/09/2021 16h57Updated on 16/09/2021 16h57

Grazi Massafera and Caio Castro they broke up in august after almost two years together. In an interview with Ela magazine, the 39-year-old actress stated that the breakup happened with respect to their history as a couple.

Showing that she is handling the situation well, she has traveled a lot and appeared in paradisiacal scenarios.

The day after the termination announcement, Grazi took the opportunity to enjoy nature and posed in a bikini at a waterfall.

“The most difficult butterfly to hunt is the adjective”, wrote the actress in the caption of the publication made on her Instagram, using a phrase by the poet Mário Quintana.

Last week, it appeared in the city of Fátima, in Portugal, alongside her friend Marcella Klimovicz. On Instagram, Grazi published a short tour of the city.

A few days later, Grazi posed in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. “Look at her,” he joked in the publication’s caption.

She took the opportunity to find Bruno Gagliasso, Giovanna Ewbank, Ricardo Pereira and his wife Francisca Pereira, who celebrated birthday.

Grazi enjoys night out in Paris with couples of friends - Instagram - Instagram

Grazi enjoys night out in Paris with couples of friends

Image: Instagram

On Tuesday, Grazi showed that he was back in Portugal, where you visited Praia da Ursa.

“Acting naturally”, he joked in the caption of one of the posts made in Stories on Instagram. The artist posed in a black bikini and extolled the region’s beautiful landscapes.

She also visited the city of Cascais, where she visited the beach and explored the mountainous region.

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