Exclusive! Secret after party, look choice, and meeting with Anna Wintour: Anitta reveals the backstage secrets of the MET Gala; watch – Hugo Gloss

From Honório Gurgel to the MET! Last week, the queen Anitta celebrated two major milestones in her international career – being the first Brazilian to perform at the VMA and also your first visit to the WITH Gala, the biggest fashion event in the world. The ball, also known as the Costume Institute Gala or MET Ball, is an annual fundraising gathering for New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and features only the cream of the film, music and fashion industries and this year , included our Girl From Rio.

In an exclusive chat with Hugo Gloss, the artist took the opportunity to reveal little secrets and secrets of the event hosted by the editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, and also commenting on the incredible phase she has been living. “There were several events, I’m super happy”, celebrated Anitta. The singer also confessed that for her, the hardest part of the entire process was, in fact, keeping Anna and MTV’s invitations a secret. “Since we received all the invitations and such, I was already like that, shocked, keeping this secret. Because you have to save it, right?”, she said.

“And then you go “aaaah”! Wanting everything to go well. It was an amazing week for me and, I don’t know, I didn’t think so, you know?! I’m super happy, super still not believing, in all the results, in everything that happened during those days. It was awesome!”, stated.

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In the sequence, the voice of “Me Gusta” couldn’t hold back and shared details of her entire experience with Wintour and the team at the famous dance. According to the artist, the figure in the publishing world is responsible for every detail of the event, from the minimum to the final look of each of the guests. “They have to approve everything, they choose… They don’t, right?! Our queen… Anna Wintour!”, revealed. “The queen, she chose my dress, she chose everything. So, thing by thing. And I just wanted everything to work out, honestly, guys. It was just that, so I don’t know much, because it’s crazy!”, added.

Anna Wintour is the editor-in-chief of the North American version of Vogue, the most prestigious and important fashion publication in the world and one of its greatest icons. (Photo: Getty)

The desire to get it right was such that the singer then left the decisions in the “hands” of Anna, the MET Ball team and, also, her own stylist. “I told my stylist, and Marina Morena, who was doing all the conversation from then on, right?! I said: ‘Look, I don’t want to know anything, okay? I’m going to live life and you guys wake me up on the day, put my clothes on me, do what has to be done and put it there!'”, confessed the muse. Can you imagine not knowing what to wear before an event like this?! Courage!

The revelations, however, did not stop there. “They (Anna’s team) they always sent things, right? To the point where they kept asking, ‘Are you okay with this? Are you ok with that?’ Then there was a time when I said: ‘Guys, stop! I don’t want anyone to say anything to me.’ Because they were changing their minds about things”, remembered. “I said: ‘Look, I don’t want to know, I don’t want to be told anything, if they tell me to put a pan on my head, say it’s ok, I’ll put the pan on my head. So don’t even ask me anymore, because I don’t want to hear about this coming and going anymore. It’s like that, he ordered a watermelon to be put on his head, I’ll put the watermelon. He told me to dress in a pan, I dress in a pan. That’s what you say, I’m doing it, so you don’t even have to ask me'”, insisted. We also wanted a game like that ‘the master sent it’ with Anna Wintour! Hahaha

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The night’s accessories were also chosen by the publisher and signed by none other than Lorraine Schwartz, an American haute couture jewelry designer who has already created pieces for an impressive list of celebrities, among them Beyoncé, Blake Lively and as Kardashians. Fortunately, the designer has already become the bff of our Brazilian queen.

“Lorraine? Baby, we became best friends! Lorraine is the best person you have. I went there [no atelier] in day [do MET Gala], on the same day, to choose the jewelry and we talked, [ela é] Wonderful. Anyway, she is queen. She literally can do whatever she wants, my God. It became my best friend!”, boasted Anitta. We want it too!

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the night of the party

Despite the nerves and several decisions that had to be made before the singer even stepped on the red carpet, Anitta said the event itself was very special. “When I arrived at the MET Gala, everyone I passed and someone introduced me to, [dizia]: ‘Oh, it’s Anitta’ or say ‘Oh, I saw you yesterday!’, ‘Wow, I saw you yesterday at the VMA!’” reported. Your reaction to so much recognition? “Me [só pensava]: ‘AAAAH’ ”, he confessed, laughing.

The mighty one was also recognized for her musical work. “Some people who hadn’t heard “Girl from Rio” yet, few people told me: ‘Wow, I didn’t know this song was yours’, ‘Wow, I heard your song and loved it’, and I don’t know what… I was super happy. Many results!”, celebrated Anitta.

Anitta participated, for the first time, at the MET Gala, in New York, at the invitation of shoe designer Alexandre Birman (Photo: Getty)

The event was also the stage for a very important ‘encounter’ for the singer – Anna Wintour herself. Although brief, the moment was significant for Anitta, who, despite being extroverted, was unable to overcome her shyness. “I just said ‘hi’, right?! Oh guys, in these things I get all embarrassed. Not embarrassed, but I’m just like: ‘Oh, let it all work out, I’ll be fine with mine here’. Oh me right in my… (laughter). I look good on mine!”, joked.

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Rules, secret after-parties and Latin reunions!

When asked about the rules of the event, the muse was reminded by the Hugo Gloss of a tweet of Bruna Marquezine. In the publication, the actress stated that the “debutant” guests would be subjected to several “commercial ties”, which would prevent them from daring too much.

“Ah, there are several things! And I, who already don’t like work, love, I said: ‘Do whatever you want, I don’t even want to know. I just want to be there, beautiful, it rocked, hi, I arrived, everyone, I came, I did my part, I came back”, do you understand?”, shot. “So yes, there are several negotiations. Each one has its look, each one has its table, each one has a role. So, and I’m not even crazy about wanting to give work to others. You said I have to do x, y, z, I’m going to do x, y, ze it’s over”, scored.

The restrictions, however, didn’t stop the muse from enjoying the ball, which included an upscale, vegan banquet and chats with figures like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and many other celebs, which the singer met later in the best part of the night: the after parties. “I went straight to afters parties, everyone. There was a lot of after, I went to four different ones”, said Anitta. “There was one that was secret, that nobody knew. I went to several, there was one by Balenciaga, there was one that was the MET Gala after itself, the official after, there was Riri’s (Rihanna), which was amazing too, there was this other one there…”, delivered.

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According to the brunette, the parties were beyond fun, not only because of the luxury, but also because of the presence of industry friends, such as Latinos J Balvin e Maluma. “It was very funny. Well, J Balvin is my brother forever, right? Maluma, we always talk too. I felt like ‘Dona Flor and her two husbands’”, joked. “But I loved, I loved, I love them, right? It was great to have a Latin presence, acting. We were, from singers, I think we were the only Latin singers”, detailed Anitta, also remembering Camila Cabello.

Even with much insistence, the diva refused to reveal those responsible for such mysterious after-party. Resistance to “name oxen”, however, has good reason. “I want to guarantee my invitation next year, right?!”, concluded Anitta. Wrong isn’t it! Hahaha Watch:

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