Juliette says she ‘flipped out’ with Rodolfo after ‘BBB’

During an interview of Juliette for “Band FM”, a listener wondered if the “BBB 21″ had something more with Rodolfo and if the countryside he would have a chance with her.

“Oh my God, these people don’t smooth it,” commented the woman from ParaĆ­ba, laughing at the question. “I see a lot of videos of us, we have a lot of fan clubs and I tell him ‘hey, don’t watch these videos too much, you’ll end up falling in love with me.’ there was no dimension to it,” continued Juliette.

“There on the program we were more friends, only in two moments I thought he was flirting with me and I was very embarrassed”, said the singer, who was interrupted by the presenters at that moment. In their opinion, Rodolffo really hit on the ex-BBB.

“I don’t think so. Do you think?”, asked the former makeup artist, who explained the involvement of the two out here.

We were good friends, we met twice, made a date, but then it passed. It was a quick flirting. We talk, we’re friends, for now that’s all.

Asked if “flirting” involved kissing, Juliette laughed and denied it.

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