Mauro: If Diniz puts Vasco in the elite, it will be the greatest achievement of his career

A hiring Fernando Diniz fur Basque was one of the topics covered by Mauro Cezar in this week’s “Fala, Maurão” picture. To columnist of UOL Sport, the coach will know the great feat of his career if he returns the Rio team to the elite of the soccer Brazilian.

“There is a reasonable distance from the classification zone to the first division and in a very worrying scenario, because no club, in the last decade, managed to get out of Vasco’s situation, with that number of rounds, to start at, at least, fourth place. In other words, Vasco needs to break this recent tradition”, begins Mauro Cezar from 4:58 of the video above.

“For that, he’ll have to play more, and Fernando Diniz isn’t exactly a coach who is notable for arriving and shaking up, making the team change. On the contrary. It’s more training and day-to-day work. If you succeed, it will be the great feat of Fernando Diniz’s career. But the recent past of Vasco and the coach, in combination, is not very exciting, no,” he adds.

Mauro Cezar analyzes a little of the work carried out by Fernando Diniz to date and explains why he has a “different challenge” at Vasco.

“Diniz is a controversial technician, because he has good ideas that he can’t execute, things don’t work, he doesn’t get results… It was like that in Athletic Paranaense, in Fluminense, in São Paulo and also in Santos. At Vasco, he has a different challenge, because he is one of the biggest clubs in Brazilian football, one of the biggest fans in Brazil, again in Serie B and at a delicate moment,” he adds.

The debut of Fernando Diniz in charge of Vasco happens tonight (16), when the cruzmaltino team visits CRB in King Pelé, at 19:00 (GMT), for the 24th round of the B series.

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