Mônica Bergamo: Mackenzie student uses swastika to protest against vaccines and generates revolt at university

A student from the law school at Mackenzie Presbiterian University, located in the city of São Paulo, used the Nazi swastika symbol during a video call in protest antivacin. The episode took place on Wednesday night (15), while the Public Law Laboratory class was being taught.

The image had a swastika formed by four syringes, alluding to vaccination. “We public servants were forced to take the vaccine this week,” said the student, in writing, when confronted by colleagues and the teacher. “I am being a victim of Nazism right now. This is my protest,” he added.

The student identified himself only as “Rafael” — which led his classmates to initially think that he was an intruder. “I am a student, teacher,” he countered.

“There is a problem here related to the image you are using. The image of the swastika,” said Professor Helcio Dallari, who taught the class. Then, the student said it was a “swastika of syringes”, to which the teacher replied: “Yeah, but the swastika symbol is not an acceptable symbol. You’d better change it.”

“I’m not even going to get into the discussion, why are you wearing this, but anyway. The swastika symbol has no backing,” Dallari followed. “If I had noticed it before, I would have already mentioned it. I don’t know who gave the alert there, I appreciate it. It’s a matter of changing this image. It’s already identified, it’s a student, but anyway, you can’t use this symbol, no. “

The episode was recorded on video and in images and generated a commotion in the academic community. The tenth-semester students of the law course, who attended the class, asked for their colleague’s suspension and said they had sued the Public Ministry.

“We feel deeply offended, especially given the current scenario of political instability”, says the class in petition.

The João Mendes Jr. Academic Center, an entity that represents Mackenzie’s law students, also expressed its opinion. “In a country approaching 600,000 dead victims of Covid-19 and whose only effective measure to contain the pandemic is vaccination, the association of the vaccine to the Nazi swastika is inadmissible,” he says in a statement.

“The João Mendes Júnior Academic Center vehemently repudiates any form of racism, especially during an undeniably delicate period in national history, with constant democratic threats and massive proliferation of hate speeches, and especially in the week that marks one of the most important dates. important and sacred to Judaism: the Yom Kippur“, Follow.

When contacted, the Mackenzie Presbyterian University says that a disciplinary process was opened to investigate the case “in a complete and exemplary manner, also guaranteeing the broad right of defense.” “Based on the results of the investigation, we will decide the appropriate attitudes, in accordance with the UPM Code of Ethics and regulations”, says the institution in a note.

“The Mackenzie Presbyterian University strongly repudiates any attitude of discrimination, as well as does not tolerate protests that offend people or social groups, under any circumstances,” he continues.

“For 150 years, Mackenzie has identified itself before the Brazilian population as a reformed Christian confessional institution, which defends respect among all citizens, without any distinction, fighting for harmonious coexistence in society, based on truth, justice and love for next”, he says.

The student was not found by the column.

In December 2018, Mackenzie expelled student Pedro Bellitani Baleotti after video repercussion in which he appeared saying “Do you see this black people? It’s going to die! It’s going to die!”. The insults were in reference to two black people on a motorcycle in São Paulo traffic.

A tenth-semester student of law school, Baleotti was suspended in October of that year.

In a video recorded by himself, the young man said that he was going to vote “to the sound of Zezé, armed with a knife, pistol, the devil, dying to see a vagrant, a bum in a red shirt and already killing soon”. In the final part of the recording, he filmed two black people on a motorcycle and said: “Do you see this black people? Gonna die! Gonna die! He’s a fucking captain”, in a reference to the then presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

After the recording went viral, the young man was identified by university colleagues and became the target of protests. More than a thousand students gathered in the morning and evening to demand action and punishment from the university student. He was also fired from the office in which he worked as an intern.

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