Opinion: Milton Neves – Milton: Mathematics haunts the San-São duo. Will we debut in Series B?

What a hangover, huh, Santos and São Paulo?

And worst of all, the clubs won’t even have much time to digest the eliminations for Athletico-PR and Fortaleza, respectively, in the Copa do Brasil.

The weekend is already here and with decisive games, both for Peixe and Tricolor São Paulo.

Yes, because, from now until the end of the season, the two teams from São Paulo will have to play like never before in order not to risk relegation.

And, according to mathematician Tristao Garcia, these chances are very real!

He, on Infobola website, informs that Santos, after the draw against Bahia, has no less than 29% chance of falling to Serie B this year.

The risk of São Paulo, which is glued to the Z-4, is 18%.

And to think that at the beginning of the Brasileirão the fans were making fun of the Corinthians fans, saying that Timão would fight at the bottom of the leaderboard…

Well, and as I already talked about the risks of the San-São duo, check below the ones from other teams that fight against Z-4:

Chapecoense: 98%.

Sport: 74%.

Guild: 35%.

America-MG: 39%.

Youth: 27%.

Ceará: 14%.

Athletico-PR: 13%.

Cuiabá: 6%.

So, friend netizen, do you think the San-São duo will be able to get rid of relegation this year?

Or will we debut in Serie B 2022?


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