Patrick Dempsey left ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for ‘terrorizing’ the set

Patrick Dempsey’s departure from Grey’s Anatomy in 2015 took many fans by surprise, as he and Ellen Pompeo were one of the favorite couples at series.

However, according to the book written by journalist Lynette Rice, “How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy” – “How to Save a Life: The Inner Story of Grey’s Anatomy”, in free translation, the real reason the star has left the series is complex.

Derek Shepherd’s interpreter has been accused of bad behavior and falling out with series creator Shonda Rhimes.

In an excerpt released by The Hollywood Reporter, the book indicates that the star “terrorized the set”. To try to resolve the situation, “Grey’s Anatomy” producer James D.Parriott was hired to help defuse the situation.

“It wasn’t sexual harassment at all. He was kind of terrifying filming. Some cast members had all sorts of post-traumatic stress disorder because of him. people and also didn’t like going to work every day. He and Shonda were always fighting with each other,” he said.

The book also brings the actor’s side explaining why the misbehavior on set:

“It’s ten months, fifteen hours a day. You never know your schedule, so your kid asks, ‘What are you doing on Monday?’ And you say, ‘I don’t know’ because I don’t know my schedule. Doing that for eleven years is a challenge. But you have to be grateful because it’s well rewarded, so you can’t really complain because you really don’t have the right. you don’t have control over your schedule. So you just need to be flexible.”

Jeannine Renshaw’s other producer revealed that the last straw was when Shonda saw the actor’s erratic behavior with her own eyes: “Shonda had to tell the network: ‘If he doesn’t go, I will.’ go away, because he was the show. He and Ellen [Pompeo]. Patrick is a sweetheart. It confuses you, he has that behavior,” concluded the producer.

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