Police find out how a businessman’s body ended up 50 km from where they found ex

the body of the businessman Leonardo Marchado, what is it found yesterday at sea in Ilha Grande, in the Costa Verde region of Rio, was located in an area of ​​difficult navigation, according to the Civil Police of Rio. The corporation is investigating the reasons why his and his ex-wife’s bodies were found so far apart – the fence 50 km in a straight line.

Leonardo was wrapped in a hammock and was found floating near Praia do Provetá and Ilha dos Meros, a region with many stones, as the name of the beach already reveals. Provetá means “on stones” in Tupi-Guarani.

The businessman, who had been missing for almost a month, was located by a fisherman, who called the Fire Department. The military used a speedboat and a small boat in the rescue.

His ex-wife, Cristiane Nogueira, 48, who accompanied him on a boat trip, was found in the region of Marambaia, west of Rio, a week after the disappearance. The two left on the 22nd of a house in Angra dos Reis to Lagoa Verde, a tourist attraction in the region, and disappeared.

According to police chief Vilson de Almeida, responsible for the investigations, the Civil Police is waiting for the Port Authority and the Fire Department to rescue a boat in the region, which may be wrecked where Leonardo’s body was found. According to him, the sea currents that act in the place can justify the distance where the bodies were located.

“We are waiting for the Captaincy of Ports and the firefighters to rescue the vessel so that we can really confirm what happened. Leonardo’s body was found near Praia do Provetá and Cristiane’s body there in Marambaia, but there are marine currents that may justify this distance [entre a localização dos corpos]”, said Vilson.

The straight line distance between Marambaia and Provetá beach is just over 50 km.

Praia do Provetá receives the same name as the village in the region, inhabited basically by fishermen and evangelical families. The place has 3,000 inhabitants and is considered quiet.

Businessman had documents in his pocket

According to the Civil Police, Leonardo was found with the documents in his pocket. His ex-wife also recognized him from photos sent and the watch he wore. According to the expertise of the IML (Institute of Legal Medicine) the cause of death was drowning.

Police continue to investigate the case. Since the body of his ex-wife was found on the 30th, without signs of violence, the police station in Angra dos Reis began investigating the case as a shipwreck. The probable cause of the realtor’s death was also drowning.

Leonardo’s other ex-wife, Vanessa Morret, made an emotional outburst on social media yesterday.

“As much as we were waiting for this and knew it was the biggest possibility [a morte dele], no one was ready to say goodbye to Leo. I’m an ex-wife, I’m a friend of Leo’s, it hurts for me, he was a person that my family, my husband, I care about. He’s my daughter’s father. We have to believe that God knows what He’s doing,” she said.

Leonardo was found wearing the same clothes he was wearing on the day of the tour – black blouse and beige shorts. The Civil Police had access to images of the house where the couple was staying. The security cameras showed Leonardo and Cristiane leaving the property, around 5 pm, and heading towards the vessel, on the last 22nd. Their intention was to see the sunset at Lagoa Verde.

The couple was spending a weekend in Angra dos Reis and, according to the family, was trying to reach a reconciliation. Cristiane’s family reported the disappearance to the police after losing contact with the real estate agent and she did not return to Rio de Janeiro on August 23rd.

During the search for the couple, a window and a buoy of the vessel were found.

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