Report: Juliana Dal Piva – Backstage: CPI should not schedule testimony of 2nd wife of Bolsonaro

The CPI of the pandemic voted on Thursday (15) a summons request for lawyer Ana Cristina Valle to testify. she is the second woman of Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) and mother of Jair Renan, the president’s son “04”. However, after the vote, the testimony generated division in the so-called “G7”, the group of senators critical of the Bolsonaro government’s role in the pandemic and that controls the work at the CPI. The column found that in the discussions held since last night, the possibility of the lawyer’s testimony not being scheduled until the end of the CPI next Friday is prevailing.

In the opinion of senators against the testimony, there are few elements for Ana Cristina’s summons in relation to what is investigated in the CPI. These senators argue that her name was only mentioned in the testimony of lobbyist Marconny Albernaz de Faria on Wednesday (15). In other words, in this view, her name came at the end of the commission’s work and the case could sound like a provocation to President Jair Bolsonaro at a time already tense among the powers of the Republic.

The reasons that led the CPI to vote on Ana Cristina’s summons are related to a set of messages between her and Marconny last year. On at least two occasions, the two discussed the names of people for appointments to public office and Ana Cristina said she would turn to Jorge Oliveira, former minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency and now minister of the TCU (Tribunal de Contas da União). The messages shared with the CPI were published in a report by the newspaper O Globo.

Oliveira was even listed as a candidate for minister of STF (Federal Court of Justice). The minister has been an advisor to Bolsonaro since the time when Bolsonaro was a deputy, between 2005 and 2007, and his father, Jorge Francisco, was the president’s chief of staff during the Chamber period. Francisco died in 2018, months before the election. Oliveira was also the deputy’s chief of staff Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) and is someone of extreme trust in the family for almost two decades.

Ana Cristina is under intense public scrutiny. Her name began to circulate as an “Achilles’ heel” of the then presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro still in the 2018 electoral campaign, but it was with the investigations into the crack in the offices of Flávio (Patriota-RJ) and Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicans-RJ) that she never left the news.

However, until now, Ana Cristina has never had to explain herself in front of the authorities. The testimony at the CPI of the Pandemic could represent the first time she would speak, with a commitment to tell the truth, about the issues in which she has been involved since she lived as a companion of the now President of the Republic.

The lawyer never adopted the surname “Bolsonaro”. She and Jair Bolsonaro moved in together in 1998 and separated between 2007 and 2008. Surprisingly, in 2018, she started posing as “Cristina Bolsonaro” and ran for Congresswoman for Podemos. It had 4,500 votes and was insufficient to obtain a seat in Congress.

In the middle of Ana Cristina Valle’s transformation to “Cristina Bolsonaro” a lot happened. A recording by Andrea Siqueira Valle, the lawyer’s sister, revealed by the column in episode 2 of the podcast “A Vida Secreta de Jair”, makes it clear how difficult the relationship between the former couple is.

“Cristina told me. If Jair doesn’t let me use his name for good, I’ll use it for bad. So I mean, she blackmailed him to be able to use his name, right,” said the bodybuilder, to mention the use of the surname “Bolsonaro” in the 2018 election.

When Andrea told this, between 2018 and 2019, she could not imagine seeing her sister in the face of so many investigations. But the bodybuilder sets the tone for how much the lawyer has known about Jair Bolsonaro’s life since the time he never dreamed of occupying the seat of President of the Republic.

That’s why people in the president’s inner circle have long argued that Bolsonaro’s second wife needs to be “managed.” And the messages between her and the lobbyist show that one of those interlocutors is Jorge Oliveira. It was to him that Ana Cristina said to appeal for the nominations of positions. The minister never explained these interactions with the lawyer.

Investigated for two years by the MP-RJ (Rio Public Ministry), she never provided clarification on the period in which she headed the office of Councilor Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicanos-RJ) and several of her relatives were “ghost employees”.

It was called at the end of 2019 and lost, through its defense, asking to reschedule. Then, in July of last year, technical problems with the videoconference prevented the testimony. There was no more call. But recently, he had bank secrecy broken in this investigation along with Carlos and 25 other people. Ana Cristina can escape explanations about the messages in the CPI, but she is in the sights of the MP-RJ.

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