Zezé Di Camargo says that his father, Francisco, died without knowing he had cancer

Zezé Di Camargo participated in the launch of the Francisco Camargo Cancer Hospital this afternoon, an institution in Goiânia, Goiás, which honors his father’s name, dead in november 2020, at 83 years old. In an interview with UOL, O countryside – who is also the hospital’s ambassador – revealed that Francisco Camargo died without knowing he had prostate cancer.

We found out that my father had a small lesion in his prostate, but he was already in a very debilitated state from pulmonary emphysema. We were able to control cancer as it was discovered very early on. My father had no consequences from the illness. If the family told him that, it could bring a much greater sadness and fright”, said the countryman.

The singer reinforces that it was a decision made by the family:

Many think that cancer is a death decree. It wouldn’t change anything to tell my father, we preferred to save the worry. He already had many health problems.”

Zezé Di Camargo beside her mother, Helena, at the opening of a hospital in Goiânia - Marcos Ribas/Brazil News - Marcos Ribas/Brazil News

Zezé Di Camargo beside her mother, Helena, at the opening of a hospital in Goiânia

Image: Marcos Ribas/Brazil News

The Francisco Camargo Cancer Hospital will be inaugurated on October 4th and had financial support from Zezé Di Camargo. The singer said he would like to leave a “gift” for Goiânia, the city where he lives and where he recorded his first hits.

Talking to a friend here in Goiânia, I told him that I really wanted to do something significant in Goiás. Our first success was here. We seek to value and be proud of our land. I wanted to take on a project, something big and honest. They told me about the hospital project. Goiás still did not have a Cancer Hospital. I got to know the idea and had no more doubts. I’m very happy and today is just the beginning.”

The hospital’s name came as a surprise to Zezé Di Camargo. The countryman did not know that the institution would be named after his father. During the opening, when a photo of Francisco Camargo was revealed, Zezé and her mother, Helena Camargo, were moved.

Thank you so much. I passed in front of here and saw this hospital being born, now it bears my father’s name. Thank you from the heart. Now, every time I pass on the road, I’ll see his name.”

Invitation to other sertanejos:

Zezé Di Camargo wants to encourage other country singers who live in Goiânia to contribute to the maintenance of the Cancer Hospital. During the launch, he learned that Felipe Araújo was also willing to participate in the project, and asked:

I want Gusttavo Lima, Marília Mendonça, Jorge [dupla de Mateus], and everyone who can somehow participate in this project that only improves our region.”

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