Analysis: Julio Gomes: Rodrygo has less space than Vinicius, but always leaves his

O Real Madrid debuted with victory yesterday (15) at Champions League against Inter Milan with a goal scored in the final minutes by Brazilian striker Rodrygo, a player revealed by Santos, who received a lot of praise in the Spanish press for its efficiency.

No UOL News Sport, Julio Gomes highlights how Rodrygo has been the opposite of Vinicius Junior when comparing Brazilians in terms of minutes played and offensive effectiveness, with direct participation in 10 goals in 17 matches played.

“Rodrygo is the opposite of Vinicius, Vinicius has more space than Rodrygo, Vinicius Júnior, we compare because the two arrived kind of together, arrived in a similar situation, very young, leaving two big clubs here at Brazil, one from Flamengo and the other from Santos, already in the Brazilian team”, says Julio Gomes.

“Vinícius has a lot more minutes, participates more in the games, but he’s inefficient, this season he’s getting better, but that’s the image he has in Europe, Rodrygo is the opposite, he has fewer minutes, but when he enters, he always leave his, he always scores, especially in the Champions League, he’s a player who has a really strong goalscoring instinct,” he adds.

The journalist says that the Madrid club was inferior during the first half and the fairest result for the match was perhaps a draw, in addition to highlighting that the Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid they currently live in a situation similar to that of São Paulo in terms of comparison with other clubs of similar size, but which are at a much higher technical level.

“It was a game in which Inter were much better than Real Madrid in the first half, but much better, and Courtois was the highlight, and in the second half Real improved, Real managed to get right, found their ways , it was a game in which a draw was possibly the fairest result, but whoever ended the game better ended up winning and Real Madrid found that goal with Rodrygo in the final stretch, in the final minutes of the match”, says Julio

“Real Madrid, as well as Barcelona, ​​they resemble São Paulo a little in the sense of a giant that today we look at the scene and say ‘it is way below the other giants’, São Paulo is a giant that is way below ode Flamengo, from Palmeiras, from Atlético-MG, and Real Madrid and Barcelona today, there seems to be a chasm there between Real Madrid and City, PSG, Bayern, in terms of players and soccer presented”, he concludes.

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