Bolsonaro attacks the left and says he will speak truths at the UN

The president Jair Bolsonaro (no party) made a speech with attacks on the left and on PT governments at an event this morning for the launch of a river basin revitalization project in Arinos (MG). The Chief Executive also said that he will speak “truths” at the UN General Assembly (United Nations), although he did not specify which subjects he intends to address in a speech next Tuesday (21).

The event was attended by the governor of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema (Novo-MG), who made a nod to the pocketbook customs agenda by saying that he would veto a state project that would require companies from Minas to install an extra bathroom in addition to the male and female ones. .

Bolsonaro took the cue to start his attacks on opponents. “Zema announced the veto of a project by his assembly. After all, we have to unite, stop separating. We cannot accept the politics of the left, of us against them, homos vs. straights, whites vs. Afro-descendants, northeasters vs. southerners, men vs. women, rich x poor, bosses x employees. We are one people,” he said.

The president also claimed to see an increasingly “predominance of yellow green over red”, although a recent survey by Datafolha showed President rejection record. Bolsonaro supporters have used the colors of the Brazilian flag in demonstrations, while red is a color associated with the PT. Datafolha’s search still shows Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) em advantage in the election race by 2022.

Referring to the Lula and Dilma Rousseff (PT) administrations, Bolsonaro repeated the speech that he would invite the current BNDES president to a live to comment, in his words, “where the resources of the past were going”.

With no evidence of irregularities, he said that in previous governments “billions and billions of dollars left Brazil to serve friends who had an ideological identity”, referring to investments in countries like Venezuela and Cuba. “This causes a lot to constantly attack us. But who put me was God, only he takes me out of here,” he said.

At the end of the speech, Bolsonaro once again referred to political opponents, saying that it was worth being president of the Republic because it was comforting to know that “there is no communist sitting in the presidential chair”. Bolsonaro won the 2018 presidential election runoff against Fernando Haddad (PT).

Speech at the UN

Without specifying what points he will deal with in his speech, Bolsonaro also said that he will speak truths at the opening of the UN General Assembly, next Tuesday (21). His last speeches at the assembly were harshly criticized by opponents, as there were distortion of facts.

“Next Tuesday I will be at the UN, you can be sure that we will have truths and we will have the reality about what Brazil is and what we truly represent to the world,” he said.

Earlier, in conversation with supporters, Bolsonaro made a mystery about the content of the speech he was preparing for the occasion, saying that he would not speak because the “press would distort”.

Yesterday, President Bolsonaro stated that he will not be vaccinated against Covid-19 to participate in the UN event. The international organization said that it will not be able to charge for the document that proves that the participants have been vaccinated, but the city of New York, the venue for the meeting, ordered visitors to prove the use of the immunizing agent.

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