Brazil takes a scare, but beats Argentina in the comeback by the South American volleyball

Brazil had a scare at the beginning, but beat Argentina by 3 sets to 1 and won the second consecutive victory in the South American Championship of volleyball feminine. The Brazilian team lost the first set, but later recovered in the game and closed the match in partials of 23-25, 25-13, 25-14 and 25-16.

The team led by José Roberto Guimarães has no time to rest and returns to the court tomorrow, at 7:30 pm, when they face Chile for the third round of the competition.

The coach of the Brazilian team did not change the team regarding the victory against Peru in the tournament’s debut. Thus, Brazil entered the court with Macris (lifter), Gabi and Natália (pointers), Carol and Carol Gattaz (central), Ana Cristina (opposite) and Nyeme (libero). Coach Hernan Ferraro selected Mayer (lifter), Cossar and Bulaich (pointers), Sossa and Farriol (central), Mercado (opposite) and Rizzo (libero).

With a good start from the opposite market, and Brazil making mistakes a lot, Argentina gave José Roberto’s team a scare and won the first set. However, after feeling the blow, the Brazilian team found themselves on the court and calmly won all three sets to win the victory.

In addition to the good volume of the team’s game in attack, it should be noted that Brazil scored 14 blocking points in the game, once again being an outstanding foundation for the team.

1º Set

Argentina started better in the first half of the game. With powerful attacks from the opposite Mercado, the sisters came to open an 8 to 4. Brazil touched the scoreboard with two beautiful attacks from the outside hitter Gabi and an opponent’s error, leaving the score in 8 to 7 for Argentina. However, soon after, the Argentine team came to open five points of advantage, with a great pass by Farriol on the serve.

Brazil evolved in the match and left the partial more balanced. The blockade was a foundation on which the Brazilians won important points on the set, scoring four that way. However, the team made a lot of mistakes and that weighed on in the end. There were seven Brazilian mistakes and so Argentina closed the first set in 25-23.

2º Set

Unlike the first set, Brazil started overwhelmingly in the second half. The Seleção scored a run of eight consecutive points, four of them blocking and came to open 8-0 on the scoreboard.

Argentina tried to react, but Brazil followed better and after a 29-second rally, the team made it 15 to 8, with Argentina’s attack error.

Without the sisters showing a consistent reaction, the Brazilian team walked in the second half and kept a distance of more than six points at all times. With a good performance in attack, scoring 12 points in this foundation and counting with at least six errors from Argentina, Brazil closed the set 25 to 13.

3º Set

As in the second half, Brazil started the third set better and already opened the advantage right away. The Brazilian team scored 6-2 on the scoreboard, already causing the Argentine coach’s first time-out. The time paid off, as Argentina scored three consecutive points and hit the scoreboard. But it didn’t take long for Brazil to take over the game again. Soon after, the Brazilian team scored eight straight points and opened 14 to 6 in their favor on the scoreboard.

With no difficulties in keeping ahead of the scoreboard with a wide difference in points, Brazil managed the game and with a good serve, making 12 attacking points and counting with six errors from Argentina, closed the third partial 25-14.

4º Set

Unlike the second and third sets, the fourth set started more evenly with the two teams exchanging points. Brazil gradually imposed itself on the set and walked towards victory. The team opened three points ahead, opening 9 to 6 on the scoreboard.

Without difficulties, the Brazilian team managed to maintain a good advantage throughout the set. The team was six points ahead when the score was 15-9. Argentina scored in the sequence, but Brazil hit a four-point streak, opening 19-10 and burying there any chance of reaction from the opposing team.

The game was so peaceful that coach José Roberto Guimarães gave Rosamaria a few minutes on the court, who is still recovering from foot pain. Finally, Brazil closed the set in 25 to 16 and the game in 3 sets to 1.

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