Brega’s millionaire shows his new home: ‘I spent more than half of what I earned’

Famous for winning streaks in lottery games, singer Edésio Nascimento, the “Millionaire do Brega”, showed details of his new mansion and detailed his plans for his career after winning the second award in three months. with almost R$ 2 million accumulated, Maranhão has already bought a high-end house in Pinheiro, in the interior of Maranhão, a SW4, a jet ski, a house for his mother, in addition to a motorcycle. With that, much of the money is gone.

“Yes, I’ve already spent more than half of what I earned. But I bought some points and I’m working so that I can pay off, including through my work at song“, says the singer to the UOL.

In all, the house and the car alone were more than R$ 200 thousand, “well spent”, according to the artist. The money also served to increase the collection of clothing and luxury items. One example is the collection of gold watches that generated the interest of criminals in the region. In August, almost all of the watches were stolen by a group that had allegedly approached the singer’s family days earlier.

“My son got involved with some people. One day he was alone and then they came here and took my collection, and some instruments. All I had left was the cord and the watch I was wearing.”

From this robbery, the suspects have already been identified, but no arrests have yet been made. What the Civil Police already know is that the attitude of showing wealth to the entire city is not a very prudent idea.

“The investigations are confidential, but, without a doubt, the motives for the crime may be related to the fact that he suddenly became a millionaire in the city”, says police chief Wolney Cesar.

Edésio’s first conquest in the lottery came in June, when he became a millionaire by participating in a sweepstakes awarded by Quina de São João. More recently, the man from Maranhão was in a new sweepstakes that hit 15 numbers in the Lotofácil de Independência with the highest accumulated prize in the story.

Next steps

Brother of the singer Adélio Nascimento, a success in the north and northeast with the brega rhythm in the 90s, Edésio has dozens of songs recorded or composed. It was after his brother’s death in 2008 that he decided to invest more in his singing career.

Adelio was the best brother I could have. It was very successful, including songs that I wrote. After he died, I got sad, I got depressed. Many people ask me why I don’t re-record his songs, but I think everyone has to find their own style. I have mine”

The style, in this case, is “romantic cheesy”, very much in the way of Reginaldo Rossi and other singers of the genre. Highlighting the “horn” in relationships is the spice of each song.

I’ve taken a lot of horn in the past and I’ve written about it in songs. But I also like being the singer who speaks of love to many people. But now, with the rhythms of the moment and the award, a lot had to change”

The main change is that, with the awards, the marketing strategy and even the slogan were changed. From “Cantor das Muldões”, Edésio became the “Milionário do Brega”, which will have his first album with the new brand on September 24th, also with songs aimed at the countryside.

“The 24th will be on all digital platforms. It should also have a video. I intend to make about three. The project is ongoing and will be a success.” The ‘Caravana do Milionário’ has already returned to the stage in September. From show to show, the goal now is no longer to rely on luck to be successful.

“I’ll keep betting because I’ve always bet. But with what I won, now is the time to start my music career. I’m doing my office, I recorded the CD and sent it to São Paulo, I took the photos for the cover. Everything will be ok and I want to get to the ‘Programa do Ratinho'”, he concluded.

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