Chico Barney – The Farm: Screenplay by Adriane Galisteu seems written for Marcos Mion

When presented by Britto Jr and later by Roberto Justus, The farm suffered from a certain lack of personality. Most of the time, the text was generic, regulatory, without much nuance.

When changing the guard while conducting the program, even though they were two figures with such different characteristics, the impression is that there was no change of route in what appeared on the teleprompter.

Marcos Mion, during his three seasons in charge of reality, was including elements from its universe of references. The basic structure and concatenation of events was unchanged, but he managed to fit those messages into his tone of voice.

Some of these antics were maintained at the beginning of Adriane Galisteu’s administration. At certain moments, it even seems like she is interpreting a text that was designed for her predecessor.

And this occurs precisely in the details that should help in the proper creative directions for the narrative. Symbols dotted throughout the text, giving a sense of unity and forging the driver’s personality — and hence the Farm as a whole.

I don’t know if this is a case in point and Record intends to take for itself a part of Marcos Mion’s vocabulary as a legacy of the format itself. In addition to not making much sense, there is no need: Adriane Galisteu is fully capable of enriching even more the fascinating folklore of A Fazenda.

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