Covid’s CPI: PF performs search and seizure operation at the company’s headquarters

This morning, the Federal Police is carrying out a search and seizure operation at the headquarters of Necessidade Medimentos, a note from the CPI to Covid.

According to the statement, the operation is the result of a request from the commission attended by the STF (Supreme Court) and is intended for the search and seizure of information regarding the contract between Need Medicines and the Indian company Bharat Biotech, as well as all documents related to the agreement for the purchase of the vaccine against covid-19 Covaxin.

“The CPI sought in every way to obtain this information from the Company and the Ministry of Health, with no success. Because of this, it was necessary to use this judicial instrument”, says the statement from the CPI.

Two company addresses in Barueri (SP) and Itapevi (SP) are targets of the warrants, issued by Minister Dias Toffoli. O UOL contacted the Federal Police, but has not yet received any information about the operation.

Need was responsible for brokering a contract with the Ministry of Health for the purchase of 20 million doses of the Covaxin vaccine, from the Indian manufacturer Bharat Biotech, at a cost of R$ 1.6 billion. The money was once reserved by the federal government, but the contract was canceled after a series of suspected errors and illegalities surfaced.

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