Cruzeiro has a goal disallowed by the VAR, draws with Operário, and Luxa is sent off

O cruise he even tried, there was a lot of game volume, he put pressure on Operário, especially in the second half, but ended up only in a 1-1 draw, today (16), at Arena do Jacaré, in Sete Lagoas, for the 24th round of Série B do Brazilian championship. The goals of the match were scored by Claudinho and Paulo Sérgio, both in the first half.

The game is marked, however, by the great confusion on the field, before referee Rodrigo Dalonso decides to annul a goal of the starring team, scored by Marcelo Moreno in the last minute. The consultation with the VAR took a long time, opening the way for a lot of bickering and generating expulsions — including coach from Cruzeiro, Vanderlei Luxemburgo.

If the match ended in a draw, much was also due to the work of goalkeeper Simão, from Operário. The goalkeeper of the Paraná team made at least four miraculous saves that prevented Cruzeiro’s goal.

This was Cruzeiro’s 12th draw in Serie B. The starred team is the one that tied the most so far in the competition. The team is now in 12th place, with 30 points — four less than the Operative, in ninth place.

Fox’s next appointment is scheduled for Sunday (19), against the Basque, in São Januário. Operário receives Ponte Preta only on Wednesday (22), at 9:30 pm, at the Germano Kruger stadium.

goals from mistakes

The match was not that great from a technical point of view, but it proved to be well disputed. In the first half, for example, possession of the ball was 50% for each side, which showed one of the characteristics of the balance between Cruzeiro and Operário.
Both goals originated in defensive failures. Fabiano, from Operário, made a big mistake and provided a clear chance for Claudinho, who didn’t waste it, to open the scoring. On the Cruzeiro side, Eduardo Brock was reckless, hitting a shot on Djalma Silva inside the area, and the referee scored a penalty with the help of the VAR.

more emotion

The second stage was very different, accelerated, with Cruzeiro imprinting a very intense speed on the game. Due to the way it acted, the Fox ended up giving space to the Operário, who launched himself on the attack and also opened up openings for attacks by the Minas Gerais team. And in this way the starring team pressed, went up, risked and gave work to goalkeeper Simão, one of the highlights of the Fantasma.

Confusion at 51 in the second half

During the second half the biggest confusion was made. Cruzeiro scored a goal in the 51st minute, with Marcelo Moreno, after assisting midfielder Marco Antônio. However, the referee canceled the move more than ten minutes later with the help of the VAR. What caused a huge confusion on the pitch of Arena do Jacaré.

There was an excited complaint from members of the technical committee of both teams, with expulsions and the need for the entry of the military police to escort the referee off the pitch. The second half lasted over an hour.

first goal

Forward Claudinho, from Cruzeiro, opened the scoring at Arena do Jacaré. The player, who arrived at Toca II last year, scored his first goal with the sky shirt.

Lawn Reviews

Forward Paulo Sérgio, scorer of Operário’s goal, made public criticisms of the Arena do Jacaré lawn. The green carpet at the Sete Lagoas stadium undergoes special treatment, as before Cruzeiro used the venue in Série B, the grass was in very precarious conditions.

“Lawn doesn’t help, it’s in terrible shape,” he said at half-time in an interview with Premiere.

audience present again

For the third time, Cruzeiro played in front of its fans in this Series B. Backed by an injunction granted by the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD), Raposa — who previously played against Confiança and Ponte Preta with fans — received thousands of supporters in Sete Lagoas, which hosted two team games so far. Now, the blue team will accompany the meeting at the Brazilian Confederation of Soccer (CBF) tomorrow (17), meeting that will deal with the theme of fans’ return to the stadiums.

tin on the lawn

At 26 minutes into the second half a can of beer was thrown onto the field. The object was collected by Cruzeiro left side Matheus Pereira and given to one of the ball boys.

game timeline

In the 16th minute of the first half, midfielder Claudinho took advantage of a grotesque failure by defender Fabiano, from Operário, and played over goalkeeper Simão: 1-0.

At 33 minutes into the first half, the video referee called the field referee to analyze a dispute within the area, when defender Eduardo Brock hit Djalma Silva. After analyzing the images, Rodrigo Dalonso Ferreira awarded a penalty.

At 37 minutes of the first half, forward Paulo Sérgio, with a penalty, tied the game: 1 to 1.

At 51 minutes into the second half, Marcelo Moreno scored a goal for Cruzeiro, which more than 10 minutes later was canceled with the help of the VAR. The ball, according to the referee, touched Marco Antônio’s arm before the assistance for the Bolivian.



Reason: 24th round of the Series B of the Brazilian Championship
Location: Arena do Jacaré Stadium, in Sete Lagoas (MG)
Date and time: September 16, 2021, at 7:00 pm
Referee: Rodrigo Dalonso Ferreira (SC)
Assistants: Alex dos Santos (SC) Helton Nunes (SC)
VAR: Pablo Ramon Gonçalves Pinheiro (RN)
Goal: Claudinho (16′ 1st T); Paulo Sérgio (37′ 1st T)
Yellow card: Thomaz, Djalma Silva, Leandro Vilela, Simão (OPE); Marcelo Moreno (CRU)
Red card: Vanderlei Luxembourg

CRUISE: Fabio; Cáceres (Marco Antônio), Ramon, Eduardo Brock and Matheus Pereira; Adriano, Rômulo, Claudinho (Giovanni); Wellington Nem, Dudu (Felipe Augusto) and Marcelo Moreno. Technician: Vanderlei Luxembourg

WORKER: Simon; Fábio Alemão, Rodolfo Filemon, Rênie and Fabiano; Leandro Vilela, Marcelo Santos (Rafael Longuine), Thomaz (Felipe Garcia), Marcelo (Pedro Ken) and Djalma Silva; Paulo Sergio. Coach: Matheus Costa

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