Fabio Arruda, ex-‘Fazenda’, has a gun pointed at his head in an assault

Label consultant Fábio Arruda, who participated in the realityThe farm 1″, had the house where he lives in São Paulo invaded by thieves this afternoon. He said that he spent nine minutes of terror, with threats and a gun pointed at his head.

“It was a gigantic fright, I was in the room. They put the gun to my head and I had the most wrong attitude, which I tell people not to have. I reacted and started screaming. Then the second armed bandit came up while the other one held employees and my friend hostage,” said Fabio in an interview with “Cidade Alerta”.

“I have a guest here who just arrived from New York. And he came out of the room and saw the bad guys. [um dos criminosos] took a flying. It was nine minutes of terror. threatened [com arma], they didn’t attack me, but later I found out that they did it with the employees. A barbarity,” he added.

According to the broadcaster, criminals broke down the doors with a crowbar. A motoboy pretended to be a delivery man and managed to get inside the lot. The police will open an investigation to try to find the suspects in the crime.

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