Fire in Chapada dos Veadeiros has lasted five days and destroys 10,000 hectares

The fire in Chapada dos Veadeiros has lasted for five days and has destroyed more than 10,000 hectares of vegetation in the region, equivalent to 10,000 fields of soccer. The Fire Department of Goiás and firefighters from different institutions work to fight fires.

Fire Brigade captain Luiz Antônio Dias Araújo explained that the fight against the flames is currently concentrated in the region of the São Miguel Valley, where 35 soldiers use blowers and dampers to try to control the fire. In total, a task force of more than 150 professionals is working at the site.

“We are fighting that region with the mission of safeguarding the farms, the property and the physical integrity of the residents and the herds raised by them,” he said.

The fire started in Vale da Lua last Sunday, 12, where about 100 tourists who were in the place were isolated in the area and were rescued after about 1:30 am of waiting. On Tuesday, 14, the fire had reached 8,000 hectares and, because of the fire, Vale da Lua and Cachoeira do Segredo were closed.

On Wednesday 15, the fire caused the closure of Águas do Paraíso State Park after a line of fire 7 kilometers long began to approach the unit.

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