Galo or Flamengo: Which team gives more pleasure to see them play? columnists opine

Flamengo e Atlético-MG they are today the teams that delight the most in Brazil. In addition to the flashy game, both have also been achieving expressive results in the soccer national: are classified for the semifinals of the Liberators cup and yes Brazil’s Cup and they own the two best uses of the Brazilian championship – Galo has 74%, against 67% of Cariocas.

Taking advantage of the great phase of the two teams, we called the columnists of the UOL Sport to answer the following question: Which one is more fun to watch? See what they answered:

Pleasure is subjective, it involves affections and preferences. Flamengo has been imposing more routs and plays a more fluid football, even because of the integration of a good part of the squad, together since 2019. It also has more unbalanced players, between starters and reserves. For personal taste, it would be the choice. But the evolution of Galo is impressive, as well as the hunger to make history of a cast that is also very qualified and that Cuca is running less than Renato Gaúcho in the Rio team. It also delivers charming football moments.

Flamengo is a more engaging team, Arrascaeta and Everton Ribeiro manage to make tables and effect touches that lift the fan from the chair.

Also Flamengo, however well-connected. But when the Hulkosta duo is oiled, it should be a tough match.

I like Flamengo better. It’s nicer, with more passes and construction in between. Rooster is faster and more intense.

Galo is the team of the moment in South American football. Fla is still enjoying the euphoria of the change of coach. Cuca’s work at Atlético is more robust, with Hulk, the best player in activity in Brazil, playing the ball game.

The team that gives the most pleasure to see them play is Flamengo. It has the happiest football in the country.

I like to see them both playing, but Flamengo plays a more showy football.

Flemish, of course. Galo has been playing solid games, achieving results, taking few goals, but not as enchanting in terms of spectacle as Flamengo.

Flamengo. When it is complete it is unmatched in quality and tactical understanding for the two years of the majority of the team with chemistry.

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