Goat climbs on brewery roof and mobilizes firefighters in SP

Collaboration for UOL, in São Paulo

09/16/2021 22h19Updated on 09/16/2021 22h19

A goat climbed on the roof of the building of a deactivated brewery in Ribeirão Preto, interior of São Paulo, this afternoon and caught the attention of the residents. The rescue operation took nearly two hours.

The unusual scene was recorded around 3 pm, on Rua Castro Alves, in Vila Tibério. According to the Fire Department, residents saw the animal on the roof and called the corporation.

The place where the goat climbed is at a height of about 10 meters and with difficult access, due to the slope of the roof and the fragility of the tile, considering that the building is old and has been disabled.

After nearly two hours, firefighters managed to rescue the animal. To do this, they had to lure the goat to a lower point on the roof, where they were able to catch it more easily.

It is not yet known how the animal managed to climb the roof of the company. He was rescued unharmed and returned to the owner.

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