Help me, how to save the 4G package and find free wi-fi internet?

On the street and want to save your internet data package? There is a practical way to find networks wi-fi tolls available close by. This is the Instabridge app, available for Android and iOS.

According to information from the platform, the app has coverage with millions of shared internet points around the world. Each open access that Instabridge displays can come from two sources: an open connection offer (from a public Wi-Fi signal, for example) or a share password (which can be from someone’s home or from commercial establishments).

In the app store of Google, the program has more than 1 million reviews. His grade is 4.4 out of 5. Already on the Apple store, he has more than 4,200 ratings. The grade is 3.9 out of 5.

How to use?

To connect to Wi-Fi via Instabridge for free, you need to download the app.

No Android (test was performed on Android 7.1.1 version, in a cell phone Moto E4):

1 – On the home screen, view the connection options closest to your location and go to the top option, where you will see the “connect” functionality. This instruction is valid when there is a wi-fi signal available near you (the search is based on your device’s GPS).

1 - step by step find wifi app Instabridge - Playback - Playback
Image: Reproduction

2 – If the access point is not so close, it is necessary to walk so that Instabridge can reach the connection. On the main screen, choose the closest option. Then, you can check some basic information of the internet network such as the password (people who share their respective access codes), for example.

2 - step by step find wifi app Instabridge - Playback - Playback
Image: Reproduction

3 – Press the location tab, on the right corner of the app, which will take you to a map. Proceed to the icon at the bottom to be redirected to the path with more details.

4 - step by step find wifi app Instabridge - Playback - Playback
Image: Reproduction

4 – “On routes”, follow the route indicated. After approaching the wi-fi, go back to Instabridge’s first screen. In “Browse”, go to the icon of the signal that should have the option “connect”, as done previously in step one.

5 - step by step find wifi app Instabridge - Playback - Playback
Image: Reproduction

5 – If you want to view the places with free internet connections on the map, then, at the bottom, on the Instabrigde home screen, go to “Map”. Then zoom in on the region.

Green dots indicate free Wi-Fi access, blue refer to connections already made, and red dots are locations with unavailable passwords. Select the green dot closest to you. Then tap the direction icon, then continue the sequence again from step three.

No iPhone

It is also possible to view locations with free internet connections available on a map.

1 – To do this, go to the bottom of the Instabridde home screen and click on “Maps”. Then zoom in on the region you want on the phone.

2 – The highlighted color dots indicate Wi-Fi access (many restaurants and commercial establishments may appear in the display).

3 – Select the green dot closest to you. If you are too far away, you can tap the direction icon and the map will direct you to the address/region where the signal is released. Just like the walkthrough similar to the one taught in the Android step.

4 – Then follow the instructions on the screen. As you get closer to your chosen location, open your mobile’s Wi-Fi settings and find the name of the connection you found. Copy the password entered in the Instabridde application and paste. If the signal is working properly, you will have internet in a few seconds.

Safety Tips: Don’t fool around

The functionality of the app above is practical. But you need to turn on the alert before leaving connecting your cell phone or tablet to any free wifi out there. There are connections or shared passwords that can hide security traps.

Users “mouth free wi-fi” need to be careful not to fall prey to fake internet pages, fraud or financial scams. Therefore, before confirming the connection, follow the safety tips below to reduce the risks:

  • Use some defense application such as an antivirus on your device.
  • keep the Your device’s operating system is always up to date (companies often fix security holes in these updates).
  • Avoid accessing pages where you need to provide your confidential and personal data (such as name, CPF, RG).
  • Do not make financial transactions using free or shared wifi.
  • Check the digital security certificates of the websites you access, represented in the form of a lock icon next to the famous https:// (which initiates a link to an online address). If the page doesn’t have it, avoid using it while browsing the free wi-fi.
  • Browse using a VPN (English acronym for virtual private networks) to encrypt your information. It basically works as an encrypted “tunnel” that prevents your data from being viewed by people within the same network or by the internet provider. There are paid (which tend to be more secure) and free versions. Research it very well before deciding to use it.

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