Horror car: PT Cruiser gets ‘Chucky the Killer Dummy’ look

Images posted on the Reddit forum show the well-known Chrysler PT Cruiser – which is no longer unanimous in terms of beauty – with a custom body in honor of Chucky, from the franchise of films of horror “Chucky the Killer Doll”.

The car was modified with the character’s face on the sides and also on the front grille. In addition, we have red as the background for the body designs, which include the traditional yellow tape used to isolate crime scenes in the United States.

The sides of the tires were painted white, while the hubcaps were customized with a combination of yellow, pink, blue and green. Furthermore, in front of the rearview mirrors we have the hands of the dreaded doll.

The sporty touch is on account of the rear wing.


cruiser - Reproduction - Reproduction
Image: Reproduction

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