How the GTA game is encouraging people to get vaccinated in Brazil

The Brasil Capital server, of the video game GTA (Grand Theft Auto), is encouraging gamers to get vaccinated. Created by streamer and entrepreneur Vinicius Augusto Del Rio, 31, from São José do Rio Preto (SP), and his partner, programmer João Victor Zanolli, 20, from São Lourenço (MG), the role-play server offers R$ 100,000 within the game for each player who posts a photo with their vaccination card.

The idea came from an internal survey that identified the age group of players who play in Brasil Capital — between 17 and 25 years old. “Obviously we have players aged 40, 45 years, but 85% of users are in this range. We have a lot of this thing of encouraging our players to engage in actions that we consider important and, as in the state of São Paulo, vaccination for people 17, 18 years old had started, we thought of launching an incentive for the people to get immunized”, says Vinicius.

The businessman worked in the tourism sector and had two travel agencies when the pandemic forced him to close them overnight. “Since we had to stay at home, I started playing a lot of GTA role-play, and I had the idea of ​​opening a server using the experience I already had with companies”, he says.

“Many servers that are open are more unpretentious, few even have a company profile. That’s when the idea of ​​creating Brasil Capital with a programmer friend was born. We worked for a month and a half non-stop to be able to open the server and we didn’t expect the success it had. Today we are the first São Paulo themed server in Brazil, and we are among the four largest servers in the country at the overall level.”

The theme of Brasil Capital is São Paulo and includes elements that already exist in the state, such as the Police, hospitals, the Fire Department and some street names. To participate in the campaign, the player must post a photo with the background of the city and the Covid vaccination card up to date. The result has been surprising: “In a week, we had already gone beyond 100 people sending images. The adhesion we had was very nice”, says Vinicius.

20 thousand registered

Today, the server has an average of 350 to 400 simultaneous players, mainly at night, but during the day there is a rotation of more than a thousand players a day, according to Vinicius, and the platform already exceeds the number of 20 thousand registered people. For the next few months, he promises an update in the city, which will gain a new structure. “Unlike those games that are phases, in which the person resets the game and never plays again, role-play is done every day. The idea is to bring news so that the player does not fall into routine and get discouraged.”

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