Huck on salary of BRL 3.5 million: ‘Speculation and it doesn’t bring benefits’

The presenter Luciano Huck was annoyed when commenting the value of the salary he receives from Rede Globo. In an interview with Veja about his career and projects in politics, Huck said that the issue of money is no longer an agenda in his life.

According to the presenter, he invests the money and is concerned about a social legacy.

It’s a speculation that surrounds this mystique of the huge remuneration of TV, but I don’t think that illuminating this type of remuneration in a country like Brazil brings any benefit. Today, I’ve reached that maxim: life is not about what we put together, but what we spread. The financial side was not on my priority list. Luciano Huck

The new owner of ‘Domingão’ also stated that he will continue working on a project of “union of intelligent people” even working on Globo’s Sundays and putting aside a supposed candidacy for president in 2022 — what he said had never been worked on.

My acting will continue on and off TV. A lot of people said that I would become a politician, but I think I became a politician a long time ago. I don’t intend to leave the public debate. […] What brought me to Sunday was the fact that I was a storyteller. I like to connect with reality, with everyday life, with what’s inside the door. Luciano Huck

Huck debuted at the beginning of the month at the time that used to be Faustão’s and, later, covered by Tiago Leifert — which will also leave Globo.

Angelica’s husband took some paintings from “Caldeirão” for Sunday, now without the traditional “Videocassettes” by Faustão. For him, trading entertainment for reporting is a strategy that should remain.

What we did in the last program was a big bet for Globo, which proved to be the winner: at a time when the public had been used to watching ‘videocassettes’ for thirty years, we put the story of Vó Tutu and Ester. We went from Brasilândia to Colombia, and the audience numbers were powerful. Our thesis is that showing the reality of most Brazilians works. Luciano Huck

Luciano huck - Reproduction/TV Globo - Reproduction/TV Globo

Luciano Huck in the premiere of ‘Domingão com Huck’

Image: Playback/TV Globo

Fausto left Globo in June. The initial forecast was that the presenter would stay until the end of the year and Huck would take over in 2022. The broadcaster and Faustão decided to advance the exit.

Huck has said that next year will be a new season of “Domingão” with news.

Before he started on time, he said he had a “frank” conversation with the Rio station and that his new moment is, to some extent, similar to o ideal estadunidense “American Dream”, that preaches success, freedom and equality for all, but from a meritocracy — which disregards the vulnerability of some groups in society.

Just as in the 30’s American cinema created the American Dream to rescue the self-esteem of the American people, broadcast TV can play an important role in restoring self-esteem in Brazil in this difficult time. Luciano Huck

Taking pictures already known and with a format similar to what he used to do in the 20 years of “Caldeirão”, Luciano Huck is not afraid of the services of streaming take your space.

According to him, TV still plays a fundamental role in Brazil due to inequalities — among them, internet access.

Good content always works, regardless of platform. Streams today are no longer just following the line of dramaturgy and started to invest in entertainment formats. The trend is the opposite: there will be even more talk shows. Luciano Huck

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