In an injunction, Justice prohibits the government from attacking Paulo Freire’s dignity

In an injunction, the Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro prohibited the federal government from “practicing any institutional act that undermines the dignity of professor Paulo Freire”, considered the Patron of Brazilian Education and who, if he were alive, would turn 100 years old next Sunday (19 ).

The injunction — that is, rendered provisionally and as a matter of urgency — was granted last night by Judge Geraldine Vital, in response to a request from the MNDH (National Human Rights Movement).

In the action, according to the court decision, the MNDH argued that the federal government is carrying out “disqualifying movements” against Paulo Freire, who receives “offensive and unjustified criticism”.

Among the entity’s notes is the fact that, in 2019, the federal government removed a tribute to Paulo Freire from a Capes platform (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel).

Another point raised by the movement concerns the government plan presented by the current president Jair Bolsonaro (no party) in 2018, when he was still a candidate.

On the plan, when talking about educational policies and the need to modernize school management, Bolsonaro spoke of purging “Paulo Freire’s ideology” from education.


In the decision, the federal judge recalled that freedom of expression “constitutes a fundamental right” for the “democratic structure of the Brazilian State”, but that it demands responsibility “from each one for the abuses they commit”.

“When there is an abuse of rights through expression that threatens dignity, there is a violation capable of liquidating the purpose of the constitutional guarantee, disfiguring it,” he said.

In view of this, “because the contemporary urgency of the filing of the action is evident, combined with the danger of damage and risk to the useful result of the process”, Judge Geraldine granted the injunction in favor of the MNDH and against the AGU (Attorney General of the Union ).

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