Intense heat should return to SP and RJ over the weekend; see the forecast

The cold front that brought down the temperature in southeastern Brazil is expected to weaken over the weekend, with the return of heat and steady weather in some of the most affected states, São Paulo and Rio De Janeiro.

In São Paulo, the thermometers should start to rise on Sunday (19), when they reach 31°C and the weather is sunny and dry. Climatempo alerts you to the chance of low air humidity, recommending extra care with hydration. And the heat should escalate even further, with the measurement reaching 33°C on Monday (20).

Before the return of firm weather, there is still a forecast of rain in areas in the extreme south and on the coast of São Paulo tomorrow, the same day when the dry air mass dominates Rio de Janeiro, with the capital reaching 32°C.

The measurement should remain stable until Tuesday (21), when it gets even hotter in the city and thermometers can reach 32°C, with the intense heat mirrored in the rest of the state.

Storms in the South and North

Meteorologists also highlight the risk of storms in the South and North of Brazil during the weekend.

As of today, the rain should gain strength mainly in the south of Amazonas, in Acre, and in the Porto Velho region, in Rondônia. In other areas, such as Manaus and Pará, there should still be precipitation, but with prolonged periods of sunshine, with the exception only for the south of Tocantins, including the capital Palmas, which should have steady weather.

And this rain should gain even more strength over the next few days, when heavy clouds should intensify the weather observed today in the region, with the storms reaching even more territories. Climatempo warns that in Roraima, west of Pará and east of Amazonas, including the capital Manaus, the large amount of water and strong winds “can cause disturbances”.

Intense rains should also hit the south of the country today, mainly in Santa Catarina and in the northwest and mountainous region of Rio Grande do Sul.

Just between today and tomorrow, some cities are expected to accumulate between 100 and 150 mm of rain, reaching volumes close to 200 mm in some areas.

There is a risk of overflowing rivers and streams, and landslides in hillside areas and on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina winds can reach 70 km/h during the weekend, warns Climatempo.

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