João Kléber analyzes Huck: ‘It’s not easy to take 30 years off Domingão’

With over 30 years of career, João Kleber understands a lot of open TV. In a live interview at “OtaLab” today, the presenter analyzed the changes that happened recently at Globo. in the chat with Octavian Costa, he gave a hint about the challenge that Luciano Huck has to replace Faustão, in “Domingão”.

People were very used to Fausto and his irreverence, who is a guy who needs no comment. It’s not easy to remove the 30-year mark from ‘Domingão’, but Luciano is doing very well. He is conquering another audience.

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João Kleber is one of Otaviano Costa’s guests at this week’s “OtaLab”

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For the presenter of “João Kleber Show”, from RedeTV!, Huck’s success on Sunday is just a matter of time.

His tone for Sunday is different from Fausto’s, but this is a matter of adaptation. Luciano is a very smart guy and he’s going to keep this wave cool.

Mion on Saturdays on Globo

The presenter also spoke about the arrival of Marcos Mion to Globo to run “Caldeirão”, an old Huck show.

He is very comfortable and I think it was a great idea for the network.


João made his debut on TV Globo in the 1980s, replacing none other than Abelardo Barbosa, known as Chacrinha. “It was an incredible school”, described the presenter, about the partnership with Velho Guerreiro. Currently on Rede TV, João joked with Otaviano when asked if he would go back to the biggest channel in the country: “Stop, stop! Make a merchan there and I’ll answer you later.”

And more

In addition to João Kleber, Octavian received Papatinho in the “OtaLab” today. The music producer opened the game and told some “stories” from behind the scenes of the scene. Papato got a good laugh from Ota when he told of the day he met rapper Snoop Dogg, in the United States: “The studio’s daily rate became a party”.

You can watch all of the Channel’s programming UOL on here.

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