Leonardo Sakamoto – After helping Bolsonaro’s coup deeds, Fake News MP is rejected

The Provisional Measure of Fake News, which limited the autonomy of the Facebook, Twitter e Google to remove false content, it was rejected by the Senate and had its effects suspended by the Supreme Court on Tuesday (14), in a double defeat of Jair Bolsonaro. But it had already fulfilled its purpose: to excite the president’s followers on the eve of the September 7 coup micaretas.

With this, the MP edition served to attract the public to the Esplanada dos Ministérios, in Brasília, and to Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo. Faced with the root-pocketnarism, Jair used the text to demonstrate that he would no longer accept the removal of posts and accounts from his allies on social networks.

And even with the rejection of the proposal, the message transmitted to his fans and followers is that the president did his part and it was the Legislative and Judiciary Powers that, again, did not let him govern. This reinforces the narrative sold by Bolsonaro that he is a leader who fights the system’s terrible forces in the name of the freedom of his people.

MP 1068/2021, issued by the federal government on the 6th, was seen by lawmakers and jurists as a safe-conduct for the attacks on electoral integrity and public health that Bolsonaro and allies have been carrying out. If it prospered, it would be an incentive for disinformation and hate speech.

According to the Marco Civil da Internet, companies that own social media platforms can only be held legally responsible for messages produced by third parties if, upon receiving a court order for removal, they do not comply with it. But it allows them to have their own moderation policies, with rules of what can be published, which are accepted by users to join the service. Bolsonaro tried to limit this, which would benefit himself and his friends.

Dealing with fundamental rights issues, such as freedom of expression, or those that do not require urgency via a Provisional Measure is unconstitutional. With that, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG), president of the Senate and, therefore, of the National Congress, rejected the text and Minister Rosa Weber, of the STF, granted an injunction suspending its effects.

Jair had already been warned by the Federal Attorney General that this would likely happen. In fact, if the Senate and the STF did not take this attitude at this time, they would give the image that there was a great agreement, with the Supreme, with everything, for the “pacification” of the president.

Of course, the action of Congress and the STF, denying the effectiveness of the MP, is bad for Jair. Even more after his tactical opening letter written with the help of Michel “I love an imitation of Bolsonaro” Temer. This does not mean that the text has not fulfilled the task of helping to call for its anti-democratic acts, going against the Pocketnarist strategy of using the Republic’s instruments to help its personal interests.

And this is not the last time we will hear about this idea, as there are similar pocketnarist proposals in the Chamber of Deputies. At the very least, Bolsonaro will have to discuss the text in parliament and not shove it down society’s throats.

The President of the Republic defends absolute freedom of expression, something that does not exist in a democracy, as our rights are limited by respect for the dignity of other people. And he defends this only for him and whoever agrees with him, whom he calls “the Brazilian people”.

With responsible adults in the condominium, Bolsonaro was unable to set the playground on fire. Which doesn’t mean he won’t keep trying to burn the toys one by one, as if the space were his own.

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