Leonardo Sakamoto – By suspending vaccination, Queiroga shows that he loves the job more than science

The Doctor. Jair Bolsonaro, a specialist in immunology from the University of WhatsApp, pressured the minister of health to stop vaccinating teenagers against covid-19. As he demonstrates more love for the position than for medicine, Marcelo Queiroga attended him. Science loses, pocketbookism gains.

The technical area of ​​the National Immunization Program (PNI) was not consulted prior to the decision, indicating that the public interest and collective health were left aside to please the scientific earthworks of the president’s followers and allies. Now, the recommendation for vaccination is only for adolescents with disabilities, comorbidities or deprived of freedom. Most states will simply ignore the federal government.

Down after frustrating fans with the tactical challenge in the wake of the september 7 coup micaretas, Bolsonaro needed to register a cuddle in his own, something that didn’t just stay in the gogó. After all, as Chartist Michel Temer once said, “verba volant, scripta manent”.

Not to mention that all of this is a nice smokescreen over the armed controversy after a GloboNews report revealed, on Thursday (16), that Prevent Senior omitted deaths in a study to help boost the effectiveness of chloroquine – a study that was used by Bolsonaro to defend the “covid kit”. The health plan would also have adopted humans as guinea pigs, pushing the drug to patients without their consent.

Bolsonaro would have based his position on the suspension of the vaccination of teenagers on statements about side effects circulating on the social networks of his supporters. Many of whom advocate worm and rectal ozone remedies to treat covid-19.

Queiroga already mentioned the death of a young man in São Paulo, a case that is still under investigation, spreading an unnecessary and irresponsible fear. The Ministry of Health warns of adverse reactions, but Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) says the number is very small (0.042%) and recommended that vaccination continue.

The WHO (World Health Organization) does not contraindicate vaccines in adolescents, contrary to what Bolsonaro said, it just does not recommend it as a priority for another reason. She argues that before vaccinating less vulnerable groups, the immunizing agent reaches those who need it most, inside and outside countries. Experts point out that the risk of not vaccinating younger people is greater than the side effects.

Pfizer’s immunizing agent, the one that Bolsonaro rejected for months, even going so far as to accuse the product of turning people into alligators, is the only one for use from the age of 12 onwards.

Queiroga acknowledged Bolsonaro’s pressure when he stated that “the president asks me about these vaccination issues every day, especially with this issue of teenagers.”

Later, in his weekly live, this Thursday (16), Jair said that the conversation with Queiroga “is not an imposition” and that he gives the minister “my feeling, what I read, see and comes to my knowledge”. Uh… As much as the issue of chloroquine was not an imposition? Ask what Luiz Mandetta and Nelson Teich think about the captain’s “feeling”.

In the same live, Bolsonaro returned to attack CoronaVac, in his private war against the governor João Doria, and defended hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, remedies without efficacy against covid. And without having reached the same number of vaccinated people from other countries that ended the use of masks, the president is putting pressure on Queiroga in this regard.

After all, what is playing with teenagers’ lives if Bolsonaro has already put the lives of an entire country at risk?

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