Man claims to be the abandoned son of Agnaldo Timóteo and demands DNA testing

The fight for the inheritance of Agnaldo Timoteo (1936-2021) won a new fighter. Now, a man from Baixada Fluminense, metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, has gone to court to ask for a DNA test to prove he is the singer’s son. He was reportedly abandoned as a baby by his mother, who revealed the secret about the supposed famous father to the family that raised him.

To TV news, Sydney Pedroso Lobo, inheritance inventor of the interpreter and tutor of Keyty Evelyn, the artist’s adopted daughter, confirmed the existence of the lawsuit filed by the alleged heir. The action runs in secret at the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro.

“When I went to Rio de Janeiro to do business with the judge, I was notified. I was summoned to court about this paternity recognition action — about 15 or 20 days ago,” he informed.

In the process, Timoteo’s alleged heir asks for a DNA test to prove his link with the composer. Lobo, who was a lawyer and a personal friend of the artist, says that he will not create obstacles for the test.

“I’m not going to create any problems at all. As Keyty’s inventor and tutor, who represents 50% of the equity, I’m not going to create any problems. On the contrary, it was Agnaldo’s wish to have a biological child,” he recalled.

“One of the things he confided to me, as a friend, was his great desire for him to have a biological child. So much so that, at every opportunity, people who claimed to be children appeared, Agnaldo –as well as Roberto Carlos- – did all the DNA. He said: ‘I would like to have a biological child and I would recognize it immediately'”, he added.

Timothy has no biological heirs. Keyty Evelyn, 14, was recognized as an adopted daughter and heir only last August, after a decision by the São Paulo Court of Justice.

Now, with the appearance of an alleged claimant, the Court will define how paternity recognition should be done. The possibility of exhuming the artist’s body exists. “If the applicant asks for exhumation, I will not object. Posthumously, I got the adoption [de Keyty]. If a real child shows up, how am I not going to accept?”, he reinforced.

According to information from the chart A Hora da Poisnosa, in the General Balance Sheet, this Wednesday (15), the man who claims to be Timoteo’s son is over 40 years old. He would have been abandoned in maternity by his mother. A nurse felt sorry for the situation and decided to adopt the boy.

At the time of adoption, the birth mother would have revealed that the famous singer was the father. After spending a lifetime listening to this story, the boy went to court to clarify his past.

If it is proven that Timóteo left a biological child, he enters the fight for the musician’s millionaire inheritance — valued at R$ 16 million. In a will, the composer defined that the adopted daughter should keep 50% of his assets, two godsons should keep 10% each, and his two brothers (Rutnete and Cicero) should keep 15% each. The artist died in april, after complications from Covid-19.

See the report from A Hora da Poisonosa about the alleged heir:


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