Man is caught receiving oral sex during Irish airline flight

Collaboration for UOL, in Guarulhos (SP)

16/09/2021 15h39Updated on 16/09/2021 15h57

A couple was filmed in the midst of what appear to be sexual acts during an Irish airline Ryanair flight. They were spotted by another passenger, who captured the scene and shared it on Twitter on Tuesday (14).

In the images, the man appears to be receiving oral sex and also appears with his penis untucked. The couple also kiss and the man is seen stroking the woman with one hand while holding a glass of beer in the other.

In the caption, filming user Alan White wrote: “I will take this into account when making my next booking.”

Since it was published, the video has had more than 22,000 views and many reviews from people calling the scenes “outrageous”.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, Ryanair’s flight rules say that passengers can be removed from the aircraft in the event of a sexual act. The practice is already known around the world and the group that practices high sex is called the “Mile-High Club”.

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