Moraes suspends Bolsonaro ordinance making arms tracking difficult

the minister of STF (Supreme Federal Court) Alexandre de Moraes suspended the ordinances that revoked the norms that established the SisNar (National System for Tracing Products Controlled by the Army). One of the president’s agendas Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) is armaments and, in April, he had removed stricter guidelines for military control in Brazil.

The decision is preliminary and will be submitted to the Plenary for voting in virtual mode starting tomorrow. Action to review the weapons rules came from the PDT and the PSOL, which were dissatisfied with the regulation of weapons and ammunition since the Bolsonaro edition.

The captions argued that the change in norms impeded control and criteria for the production, trade and circulation of armaments. Also according to the parties, SisNar is responsible for choosing members, distributing skills and creating new forms of surveillance.

With the decision, Moraes said that one of his concerns was not to facilitate the illegal arms trade in Brazil. “The greater circulation of arms and ammunition, if not accompanied by adequate regulation, will inevitably have an effect on the illicit movement in favor of organized crime,” he said.

In addition, the minister said that the government has refused to establish better measures to mark and track weapons, which results in an “incongruent and incompatible” result in public safety. “The revocation of these acts lacked a suitable motivation to justify the non-implementation of the control tools provided for in them, as well as it was not accompanied by any palliative or intermediate measure, even though a reasonable period of time had elapsed since their publication”, he wrote.

Attempted truce

Moraes’ position takes place amidst the truce offered by Bolsonaro to the other Powers of the Republic. After anti-democratic demonstrations on September 7, the president noticed a loss of support, saw parties of various positions unite for his impeachment and opted for a retreat.

The federal president’s peace offer came in the form of a letter called “Declaration to the Nation”, co-authored by former president Michel Temer (MDB), which was taken to Brasília at the request of Bolsonaro to help with reconciliation.

In this last week since the Declaration, the president has tried to be more restrained and threats to the Powers, barbs towards ministers and friction with Moraes himself are visibly absent from his behavior.

However, today’s Datafolha poll shows that there was damage done to the president’s support base, which reached a record of disapproval: 53%. The number of people who rate the government as good or excellent has also dropped, now at 22%.

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