Mouse’s ex-boyfriend of stage assistant is arrested in São Paulo

Civil police officer Erik Becker, 35, ex-boyfriend of the stage assistant from little mouse, Renata Schmidt, 40, was arrested this Thursday morning (16th) in São Paulo, after she reported assaults and threats. According to the press office of the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat, he was indicted under the Maria da Penha Law.

“The police authority concluded the investigation with the request for preventive detention against the aforementioned police officer and forwarded it to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which expressed its favour, and the Judiciary Branch, which granted the request yesterday (15) for consideration. The investigator also responds to the request. an administrative process, which, among the foreseen sanctions, may result in the dismissal of the civil servant”, the SSP spokesperson told the On the small screen.

Erik was transferred to the Civil Police Prison. According to Rhenata’s lawyer, the police officer was arrested at his mother’s house and was denounced for attempted embezzlement, aggravated theft through breach of trust, threat and failure to comply with protective measures.

Rhenata was this week on the program Vem Pra Cá, on SBT, reporting that she was being harassed and threatened by her ex-boyfriend. She said she got a protective measure against him and that the policeman was accessing her social networks and YouTube channel to post unauthorized content.

Mouse stage assistant comments ex prisoner

To on the small screen, she commented on the arrest through her staff: “I feel very relieved for myself and all the previous victims, and knowing that there will be no close ones, however, as he is a person with a dangerous profile, I remain attentive and fear possible external retaliation. But I’m happy that I recovered Surya (bird) and I will remain vigilant, even knowing that he will not respond in freedom” .

In a police report made on August 29, to which the report had access, Rhenata reports that he would be inside his apartment very nervous and that he had threatened to kill him moments before. Police were at the scene, Erick talked to them and asked to return to the apartment to retrieve their belongings. Rhenata authorized and then claimed that she noticed that her ex-boyfriend took a bird that belonged to her, her wallet with documents and two cell phones.

Afraid of the threats, she was sleeping in the home of family and friends. The relationship lasted only three months and she claims that her ex has been stalking her ever since. In addition to being a civil police officer, Erik owns a shooting school, has already been a candidate for councilor in São Paulo and is a law professor in a preparatory course for a public examination. On Instagram, he has over 96,000 followers and has disabled the most recent photos. He has a YouTube channel with over 1800 subscribers.

Rhenata’s press office says that over time, she discovered that Erik recorded and filmed everything they talked about, especially when it came to more delicate matters. According to her, Erick published intimate videos of his ex-girlfriend, called her a call girl and threatened to release more photos and private conversations on the internet, as well as trying to control the content posted on Mouse’s assistant’s Onlyfans account.


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