‘Nightmare Alley’: Guillermo Del Toro film wins trailer

The new film from award-winning director Guillermo Del Toro won official trailer. Searchlight Pictures, studio of films Disney also released photos and poster of “Nightmare Alley”, a production that will feature the filmmaker’s most famous cast so far.

The cast includes names such as Bradley Cooper, Willem Dafoe, Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Toni Collette, Richard Jenkins, Ron Perlman, David Strathairn and others.

The director assures the audience that this is not a supernatural film, although the trailer and title strongly suggest otherwise.

“This doesn’t have any supernatural elements. It’s based completely on a world of reality. There’s nothing fantastic. [impressão]”said Dthe I’m recently touring the North American magazine Vanity Fair.

The production tells the story of the circus character Stanton Carlisle, played by Cooper, who uses mind-reading tricks to deliver little punches after teaming up with a psychiatrist (Cate Blanchett).

The film is an adaptation of the novel by William Lindsey Graham, published in 1946, which became known in the 1947 film noir classic. In Brazil, the production was translated as “O Beco das Almas Perdidas”.

With a script by him and Kim Morgan, Del Toro was delighted to extract the story from the novel to bring it to life in cinema. “I wanted to make the universe of romance, which is a little gritty, but also weirdly magical. It has a very strange and mystical fascination – and mythical. I was very attracted to that possibility,” he said.

This will be the director’s first feature after winning the Oscar for “The Shape of Water” (2017) in the year 2018. Fox will premiere “Nightmare Alley” in theaters on December 17 of this year.

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