Opinion: Aline Ramos – The Farm has barely started and has already impacted the celebrity gossip industry

the beginning of The farm always bring one series of gossip about the famous participants – and also about the not-so-famous ones. Controversies usually involve what they’ve done in the past and always come back with a vengeance. Everyone’s life is searched and cleared, nothing escapes the public.

However, in the current edition, we have been following a new phenomenon. Even confined, the participants are getting into controversies and printed the national gossip news. Most are inside with their tongues as sharp as a whip and arousing the wrath of other celebrities outside.

There is controversy everywhere and for every taste. Here are the main bullshit that came straight out of A Fazenda 13 and rocked the gossip world in recent days:

Arcrebian: supposed dating and needling everywhere

In conversation with partners in confinement, MC Gui asked the following question to Arcrebiano: “Bil, is it true that if you got a girlfriend here you would join Power Couple?”. “She’s out there,” he replied.

According to columnist Fábia Oliveira, from O Dia, Arcrebian has been in a relationship for four months with the artistic director Fefa Moreira, who denied it. The administrators of Bil profiles on social media too claim he is single, contradicting the model itself.

Account did not close for Stefani Bays

After the news broke, Stéfani Bays, who participated in A Fazenda 12 and reportedly had an affair with Bil a month ago (that’s the gossip that circulates), went to Twitter and sniped: “It must be written sucker on my face ! The account does not close,” said the influencer, who later deleted the publications.

Poor Ker said she warned

Shortly after, it was Kerline Cardoso’s turn post indirect no Twitter. A ex-BBB has already revealed to have had a quick and tumultuous affair with the model. “I tried to warn, but a little body deceives so many people, right,” he said. “Imagine if they knew about the Mass a rosary”, finished the model.

Bil and Karol Conká, “that one”

To top it off, Arcrebian too criticized Karol Conka, with whom he had a troubled and famous romance in BBB 21. Referring to her as “the one over there,” he said the singer “pretended to be someone she wasn’t” to win over the contestants, but “couldn’t sustain the character.” Soon after, Karol reacted and posted a laugh emoji on Twitter, and the post was perceived as mockery.

End of Gui Araújo and Anitta: bullshit between Ariadna and Lary Bottino

Influencer Gui Araújo spoke on the program about the end of your relationship with Anitta. According to him, the reason for the termination was her moving to the United States. “Nobody gave in,” he said, who preferred to stay in Brazil at the time.

However, ex-BBB Ariadna, a friend of the singer, stated that the end occurred because Gui treated Lary Bottino, who was then a friend of Anitta. Also, after the breakup, Bill and Lary would have become very close.

Lary denied this version, said that Ariadna should be treated and, in transphobic comment, suggested that the ex-BBB had altered hormones.

Erasmo Viana x Gabriela Pugliesi: dog and mockery

Erasmo Viana, best known for being the ex-husband of fitness blogger Gabriela Pugliesi, made a vent to the confinement colleagues about the ex and the pets. “He took the dog to the car’s house and I can’t even visit, you know?”, he said.

Pugliesi reacted with a succinct and mocking “Poor, guys! I almost cried here.”

Dynho, Mirella, Rayssa in another episode of the soap opera “my ex lover”

Dynho Alves explained in the program, once again, that he was single when he stayed with Raissa Barbosa. Those who followed A Fazenda 12 are well aware that this story was reason for fight between the model and MC Mirella, current wife of Dynho.

Raissa, took advantage of the hint given by Dynho in the program and said on Twitter: “Thank you Dynho Alves for confirming again what the whole of Brazil already knows, and the other one can’t understand!”.

Those who expected another episode of the war on the case were disappointed. Soon after, Raissa and Mirella met at a party and made up.

Minerato x Mineiro: never was talarica?

Ex-panicat and ex-A Fazenda, Ana Paula Minerato did not spare her ex-panicat and now she asks Aline Mineiro to find out that her former colleague was at reality show. Minerato called Mineiro a fake, a cow, a manger, a liar and insinuated that Aline would have stayed with a committed man.

The crap between the two is old and comes from the time they worked on the show Panico na Band. He already had a shack and accusations of talaricagem from side to side.

Solange x Rico: Carlinhos Maia joined the conversation

Solange Gomes and Rico Melquíades got strange during the dynamic performed live on the Thursday (16) program. It was pure low. She called him ugly and he returned it with “old crook”.

In the midst of this, what drew attention was the accusation that Rico is supported by his friend Carlinhos Maia. Solange talked about it several times, it even seemed that Carlinhos was on the show.

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