Opinion: Ana Paula Xongani – Lewis Hamilton showed that power is also an open door to diversity

Power “encourages” diversity. I believe that some people still do not validate a very concrete logic – and that the logic need not be singular, there are many possible logics – about what the conscious black ascension project is.

Here are some examples: Hamilton, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Djamila Ribeiro and Taís Araujo. These are people who, from some possible readings, hold certain powers in their hands. The path taken by each of these people, especially women, can generate an idea of ​​enchantment linked to very strong financial and media power. And what I want to propose for reflection here is that this power has the capacity to expand the path of diversity.

There will always be questions about capital and the possibility of what, in fact, this capital – added to consciousness – can take. So, I bring an example. This week, we had Lewis Hamilton buying a table at New York’s Metropolitan Museum Ball, the Met Gala, to take black designers with him. They are professionals who, certainly, due to social structures, would take longer to enter spaces like that.

He, like other black personalities, are often questioned and demanded about what they are actually doing, about how much their intentions are, in fact, linked to the causes they carry on their skin, literally.

So when Hamilton takes the designers, he’s acting in a practical way. And this is the movement that activism wants and seeks — in addition to representation, we also want a black production chain at different levels of power. He would already be a powerful and strong representation alone in this environment, but he also wanted to propose a dialogue about who makes fashion, creates and stands out. The ball, which is promoted by Vogue magazine in the United States, is a showcase gigantic for the world and is directly related to fashion. Some black personalities are already there, but we need to change chairs or, objectively, work to impact the production chain of this industry.

Will we meet them too?

Edvin Thompson
Jamaican-American stylist, the name behind Theophilio, a contemporary fashion brand based in Brooklyn, New York.

Jason Rembert
Jason is a designer and stylist. He collects works in important media in this industry, such as “Vogue”, “L’Officiel”, “Paper”, “Essential Homme”, “GQ UK”, “Sports Illustraded”, “Variety”, “Billboard Magazine”, as well as campaigns for brands like Adidas, Moncler and Google.

Kenneth Nicholson
american stylist state-of-the-art in menswear approaches, challenging “tight rules” about gender.

Law Roach
It’s the responsible stylist for spectacular looks worn by equally spectacular artists on red carpets such as Zendaya, Cèline Dion, Anya Taylor-Joy, Ariana Grande and Kerry Washington.

It’s a lot of talented people, with works respected and admired, but who, without a doubt, had their reach amplified when they joined the Hamilton tram. That’s about it. Not just about that, but about that too.

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