Opinion: Gabriela Chaves – 5 lessons that Beyoncé brings about the business world

Singer, actress, model, producer and businesswoman, Beyoncé reaches her 40s as a complete artist, recognized as one of the greatest voices in the music industry. Much is said of Beyoncé as an artist, but not as a businesswoman and entrepreneur. In addition to numerous successes, Queen B – as she is called by fans – also stands out as a businesswoman.

You’ve probably heard of Ivy Park, the singer’s clothing brand focused on the sports segment. However, few people know that, before becoming a worldwide sales phenomenon, the brand had a much more timid launch in 2016. It was in 2019, alongside Adidas, that Beyoncé relaunched Ivy Park, in a format much more ambitious: limited, exclusive collections, released in real time, around the world. The result? Beyoncé breaks sales records and ensures global distribution of her brand.

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The success story of Ivy Park and Beyoncé, promoted by collab with Adidas, is synonymous with authenticity and impacted the fashion market. The brand awakens people’s interest, connects with their needs, extracts values ​​that were not valued before, reframes and proposes something revolutionary and out of the tradition.

Beyoncé, from the very foundation of the brand, raises banners that permeate inclusion, empowerment, diversity and social responsibility in the foreground. Thinking about these issues, I organized five lessons that we can learn from Ivy Park:

1. You need to reinvent yourself

Differential is a key point for those who want to stand out in the market and, often times, reinventing themselves is crucial. Ivy Park, at its birth, was conceived in a different business model from the current one, alongside Topshop. However, Philip Green —owner of the Arcadia group, which owns Topshop— was accused of sexual violence and racism, which resulted in the end of this partnership.

Faced with these issues, Beyoncé sought partners intimately connected with her values ​​and purpose. Alongside Adidas, the global and online launch of Ivy Park highlighted powers that are still neglected by the fashion market, such as the potential for consumption of different bodies, for example. And all these issues were translated into the authenticity of the colors and the diversity of the collection as a whole.

2- Make strategic partnerships

We are the sum of many people and keeping this in mind can be the high point of a business. In seeking out Adidas, Beyoncé not only sought a business partner, but also a brand that shared the values ​​and purpose established by her brand. By closing an alliance with the great sports chain, Ivy Park reached a new level.

The feat between brands is a strategic partnership that expands products, impacts people and generates identification – all powered by marketing and a huge investment in branding. Associated with the brand, the singer performed a global launch that resulted in the sale of more than 70 thousand pieces of tennis, in a single minute, in the United States. In Brazil, all available products in the collection sold out in one hour, on the official Adidas website.

3 – Have your own authentic identity

Beyoncé uses her image to guide relevant issues in society. It is not new that she encourages the creation of more inclusive and diverse spaces in her projects. With Ivy Park, it was no different. The businesswoman presented a new collection with images and videos that highlighted her in all her forms: artist, mother, visionary, creative and businesswoman. In this way, Beyoncé has used her brand to promote gender and racial representation along with the question: What moves you? What makes you dream? The answer? “Your Park” (Your space).

4 – Real bodies also want to consume

Ivy Park has inclusion and diversity in its DNA. In addition to contemplating all the bodies and their singularities, it brings pieces with a variety of sizes and without gender identity. Much of the collection can be used by men and women, without limitations and stereotypes. Ivy Park is the breaking of the paradigms imposed by the fashion industry. By investing in real bodies, the brand – albeit minimally – reconfigured the scenario.

5 – Price

Value and price are very different things. People buy a product or service when they see added value in it, regardless of price. Within this context, Ivy Park built an experience and sales results were record, despite the economic crisis and salty prices.

Beyoncé not only shook the structures, she left a message: she is a giant in the business world. May we be a power and continue to learn from the wit of black women like Queen B.

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