Opinion – Itamar Vieira Junior: Bolsonaro launches bravado to cover up the procession of horrors that the country is experiencing

I believe it has been difficult for a lot of people, as it has been for me, to watch the procession of horrors march across the country at cruising speed. The question that arises is whether there will be a bottom in this well — because we are certainly already in it, all that is needed is sensitivity when looking around us.

Almost every day, I leave the house for work and on the way I meet many people at traffic lights, a small crowd holding signs ranging from a request to buy basic basket even the prosthesis for the young amputee.

Through the empty, desolate corridors of the organ where I work, it’s not much different. A general services assistant told me that she has been feeling weak because she no longer eats animal protein every day.

Discouragement also affects those around me, hopeless co-workers with the gradual emptying of important public policies for the country, prevailing the distorted view of the current government on the land issue.

My brother, who is a teacher, tells me about his disquiet about the public school where he works. He says that evening classes are often suspended by the increased violence in trafficking and the robberies that do not stop increasing. I talk to another teacher friend, who confirms that the same happens at the school he serves, in one of the many suburbs of Salvador.

After almost a year and a half without my mother being able to meet the sisters, we went to visit them in a neighborhood in the metropolitan area. In the middle of the conversation, they confessed to being more relieved because there was no shooting in the last two weeks.

I am amazed at the methods used by rival gangs: executions are videotaped and sent as viral to neighborhood residents’ phones, followed by long texts that expose the reasons for the executions and the ethics that drive everyday violence. A curfew is decreed and woe to anyone who disobeys the orders of “Parallel Brazil”.

One of the aunts, who has lived there for 20 years, tells me she has never seen anything like it. And there is nothing to do but survive each day, because violence has raged everywhere.

As nearly 600,000 deaths in the pandemic they seem to have become just numbers always updated by the press. The stories of victims of government neglect reverberate only within bereaved families.

It doesn’t seem to move anyone anymore if 300, 700 or 4,000 people die every day, while governments from all walks of life talk of economic recovery. A narrow view of the entire process, as a large part of the population returned to the hunger map and it has only survived because inflation has eroded purchasing power and increased the number of vulnerable.

The expected failure of the Bolsonaro government angers a good part of the population, but another significant one closes ranks to celebrate his government of death, whose greatest achievement is not in education or income distribution, but in the release of pesticides for the tables and weapons for the population.

His followers wear the national team’s shirt, wave the Brazilian flag in marches for the end of democracy. The “GDP” that helped him get elected indicates that institutions are functioning, as long as their profits continue to multiply.

The corrosion of the democratic rule of law matters little because they are only concerned with their own pockets and if their assets continue to grow. It doesn’t matter if tomorrow there won’t be the Amazon, Pantanal and indigenous lands.

Much of agribusiness really wants more land to explore, sending small farmers into town or underground. The important thing is that you pay your soy in dollars.

In the same way, the miners, moved by greed, feel authorized to act to destroy the land of others, but this will only be possible with more bloodshed by the original peoples. They will not rest until they see the last Indian fall.

If all this isn’t a coup in progress, I don’t know what else it can be. Each bravado of the President of the Republic is intended to cover up the procession of horrors that is another, much worse than the Sete de Setembro parade or the attacks on the STF.

The economic crisis seems to hit the middle class and, to a much greater extent, the most vulnerable. If political analysts are still waiting for tanks in the streets to affirm that we no longer live in a democracy, given all the moral, political and economic degradation we are experiencing, it is because they have lost the tram in history.

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