Opinion: Julio Gomes: How long does Neymar accept to sacrifice for Messi to play?

O Paris Saint-Germain debuted the trio formed by Messi, Neymar and Mbappé on Champions League against Brugge, but it was a 1-1 draw, in a match in which the Belgian club could still have won, given the opportunities they had to achieve the comeback. The game also featured a Neymar in a different position from the usual, opening spaces for Messi and without a single submission in the opponent’s goal.

No UOL News Sport, Julio Gomes and Renato Maurício Prado analyze the debut of the MNM trio and the change in the positioning of Neymar, being a supporting actor for Lionel Messi. They question whether coach Mauricio Pochettino will be able to maintain this condition for a long time to fit his offensive trio.

“We saw, mainly in the second half, a Messi playing the way Neymar has played in the last four years, playing looser all over the field, in a more anarchic way, and Neymar restricted there to the side, opening wings , making room for Messi to play. Neymar yesterday submitted zero times, zero shots on goal, it must have been the first game in Neymar’s life in which he didn’t kick any ball into the goal, so there’s something that went really wrong in this first match between Brugge and PSG, which ended up tied by 1-1”, says Julio.

The journalist says that, as much as they have good players and are evolving, Brugge is not an opponent for Paris Saint-Germain to get into trouble like in yesterday’s game and the starring French club will need to undergo adjustments, in addition to the question of whether Neymar will accept this supporting condition.

“Good Brugge team, good values, good players, soccer Belgian, we know that we bet a lot on the base, all that is true, but Paris can’t get there after signing Messi and putting on the field the most expensive, hottest trio in the history of world football and tying with Brugge by 1 1 for the Champions League playing what they played, it wasn’t an accidental draw, if there was a winner in the match, it would have to have been Brugge,” says Julio.

“If it’s going to stay that way, that’s what we’re all going to look at all season. Yesterday’s game was bad news, Pochettino will have a lot of work, because even when you think Neymar will be there giving zero kicks to goal and sacrificing for Messi to play? I don’t know,” he adds.

Renato Maurício Prado recalls the difficulty of coaches in establishing themselves at Paris Saint-Germain with Neymar in the team, citing the previous Thomas Tuchel, European champion with Chelsea, and alerts Pochettino.

“Neymar will have to play on another strip of the field, which is amazing that Neymar, after being PSG’s owner, even if it’s for Messi, he accepts that, I see a possibility of a very large short circuit there and PSG’s Neymar turned into a crusher of technicians, Thomas Tuchel is there winning everything at Chelsea and was kicked off by PSG. If I were Pochettino, I would start to soak my beards,” he concludes.

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