Opinion – Maurício Stycer: Huck wrote a book

The first time Luciano Huck informed the public that he had released a book was at the end of the program on August 21, a Saturday. “I would like you to read. I wrote with the greatest affection,” he asked the spectators.

A week later, taking advantage of the fact that a participant in a game was a former garbage collector who intended to study medicine, the presenter said: “I wrote a book”. It amended with an advertisement for the megastore that is also selling the work. And he said to the young man: “I’ll give it away, since you like to read.”

It was the last “Caldeirão do Huck”, shown for 21 years on Globo. Eight days later, the presenter premiered “Domingão com Huck”, replacing Fausto Silva, who commanded Sunday for 32 years.

“Since you like to read, can I give you a reading tip? My book just came out. I released it 15 days ago,” Huck told another candidate for the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? game, which moved to Sunday. with him.

In the second episode of the program, on the 12th, Huck warned again: “I wanted to give you a reading tip. It’s a super important puppy for me. I wrote every page of this book with the greatest affection. Read. Give me this vote of confidence”.

So far, it’s been almost five minutes of self-advertising, with no counterpart, such as the dissemination of books by other authors.

I don’t think Huck aspires to get rich by selling a book. The desire to give visibility to “De Porta em Porta” (ed. Objetiva, 232 pages., R$ 49.90) obeys other interests.

The work mixes autobiographical accounts with reflections on education, the environment and income distribution. The “From the Door Inside” chapters help to fix Huck’s image as a man of faith, tolerant and open in matters of religion and sexuality. He is someone who has overcome “structural machismo”, anti-racist, a good son, great father and affectionate husband.

Due to lack of space, perhaps, the biographical account seems incomplete and readers interested in more spicy stories by the presenter will have to wait for an unofficial biography.

The texts “Da Porta para Fora” show a well-connected Huck with great thinkers, businessmen concerned with poverty and figures interested in renewing politics.

“From Door to Door” looks very much like a calling card for someone determined to take higher flights in public life. A candidate for something. Without ever committing himself in the affirmative, Huck has for years entertained the expectation that he could one day run for president. Still can.

In June of this year, he announced that he had agreed to replace Faustão. From Saturdays I brought the welfare-oriented paintings. Sunday audiences tend to be higher than Saturdays, and the audience is more diverse.

Anyone who ventures into the book that Huck is so vaunted on TV will see that he criticizes Bolsonaro’s “bad leadership” in managing the pandemic and advocates a “coalition that is capable of overcoming political polarization”.

He also informs that he has built “a good relationship with the Armed Forces” and is betting on a basic income program –“it’s not something of the right or left” — personalized, that meets the specific needs of each individual.

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