Opinion: Paula Gama – Luggage compartment: understand why the biggest is not always the best

For some it’s silly, but for those with a large family, the size of the trunk is one of the decisive factors when buying a car.

Therefore, it is natural that these consumers keep an eye on the technical sheet when choosing the ideal model. The big question is that not always the luggage compartment with the highest liters is the one with the greatest capacity to carry luggage. The car’s design, the technology used in the lid and even the method of measuring the literage influence a lot.

For starters, it’s important to know that most factories use the VDA method to measure the trunk capacity, which consists of placing (very carefully) blocks of wood or Styrofoam on site. Each block is equivalent to one liter and the total sum configures the luggage compartment capacity.

However, it must be remembered that blocks are much simpler to fit into that compartment than real suitcases and purses. Furthermore, if the size is measured with liquid, each corner is considered as a useful space.

Therefore, before buying a car, don’t give up on a test drive that simulates real conditions in your daily life. And, if trunk size matters to you, stay tuned for the features below.

1- Vehicle design

Models like SUVs boast beautiful rugged wheel housings. The problem is that internally, inside the trunk, they can make it difficult to accommodate a larger suitcase, for example. Cars that are straighter on the inside, consequently, are more “ergonomic” for luggage.

2- Large trunk, small access

Very common in sedans, reduced trunk access is a serious problem. Depending on the size of this “mouth”, it can be difficult to accommodate a stroller and practically impossible to fit a giant and heavy suitcase prepared for a long trip, even if there is space on the inside. So, don’t be shy about taking a suitcase to the dealership when it’s time to carry out the assessment.

3- Hooks that prevent closing

Pay attention to the technology used in the trunk lid. Many models still use hooks that prevent all space from being used. At best, the suitcase is crumpled; at worst, it breaks or has to stay out.

4- Inclined lid

Models with more “slanted” trunk lids can also make it difficult to accommodate luggage, even if the trunk looks quite large at first glance.

5- High access

The high access to the trunk does not prevent you from placing the objects on them, but it can make the operation difficult for people with limited mobility or who are holding a baby in one hand, for example. If this is your case, it is better to think carefully before choosing the model in question.

How to accommodate luggage

If you’ve already bought a car and realized that the trunk isn’t very well planned, it’s time to learn how to optimize space. When preparing for the trip, first accommodate the largest, firmer and heavier bags. Place them in the background, in the center area. Leave the pliable bags and bags to fit in the spaces left over on the sides and above.

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