Opinion – Ricardo Melo: How long will Brazil put up with Bolsonaro and his cronies?

While Minister Lewandovski suspends more two of the endless actions against Lula, JMB (so-called Bolsonaro) accumulates defeat after defeat even in Congress. THE MP that released the dissemination of fake news it has not even been examined. It was simply returned – something similar has only happened five times since 1985. The so-called printed vote lies in the tomb of coup ideas.

The Superior Electoral Court, on the other hand, unanimously considered the expedient of “splits” crime of embezzlement, that is, corruption. The decision refers to an almost unknown councilor, but it has a direct impact on the life of the family sheltered in the Planalto.

As if that were not enough, one of JMB’s ex-wives is summoned by Covid’s CPI to explain her shameful links with the robbery center installed at the Ministry of Health. immediate relatives.

The crimes committed by this mob in relation to the pandemic have few parallels in history. 600,000 dead.

This is the background that explains JMB’s momentary retreat after the 7th of September.

Conceived as a show of force by the Planalto, the plan of astronomical manifestations went down the drain. The thing was so outrageous that they called in an unscrupulous scammer, Michel Temer, to appease the spirits and collar the beast.

A fervent admirer of the dictatorship and of what is most reactionary in Brazilian politics, JMB signed a letter swearing in the promise of democracy and national pacification. He even apologized to Minister Moraes, whom he had called a scoundrel in the public square days before.

Days later, sectors of the elite burst out laughing at a dinner at the home of none other than Naji Nahas. Hated in the polls, JMB realizes that he is nothing more than a pawn in the hands of wholesale capital.

A parlor joke, a noisy mutt who once had his use and now sees the cart getting closer and closer.

There is no way to expect that the tempers have “calmed down”. The usual gang wants to keep control of the situation and the laughter of those who believed that JMB was just the antidote at hand to block Lula’s candidacy.

He was joined by the Judiciary, the mainstream media, the usual lawmakers for sale, toucans, “democrats” in front of him – all duly instructed by “God Trump” and his minions.

Today, Bolsonaro is left with “formulators” such as Sérgio Reis, Zé Trovão, Silas Malafaia, Ciro Nogueira, generals who never fired a shot to defend the national territory and people of the same rank. But politics and the country do not always move only by minds that are so “promoted”.

Sold as the brain of redemption, Paulo Guedes, the speculator who helped to dismantle the Chilean economy at the expense of retirees and the poorest, now does nothing more than spread illusions about the economy’s vigorous recovery.

This resumption in “V” turned those ICU graphics that beep horizontally, warning that the patient is more over there than over here.

All predictions, even by overt or closed-in Pocket economists, point to the bottom. The forecasts for next year – 2021 is already lost – point to a decreasing GDP, something of 1% if that. Household consumption has stagnated; misery and hunger grow steadily.

In economese, the demand of the people (the majority) finds its limit with the rampant misery. That’s what the IBGE showed. Even so, inflation continues to rise. It should reach 10%, when it has not already exceeded this value in several capitals

The name of this, also in economese, is stagflation. Slow growth, stagnant production, unemployment, repressed purchases, rising prices and the Central Bank announcing a new interest rate hike to contain an increasingly frugal domestic consumption – less in the home of Naji Nahas and his fragrant cronies.

The increase in interest rates, in fact, only serves to attract foreign investment that disappears from Brazil like the cross flees from the devil. F*** the Brazilians.

At the moment, Brazil only has one de facto candidate. His name is Lula, whether you like him or not. Bolsonaro & Co. just want to escape from jail. Downturn economists, like Edmar Bacha, compare Lula to Bolsonaro to win newspaper pages. The third way is read and read by a disoriented elite.

The question remains: will the country that matters bear another year of being impoverished in this way, socially, economically and politically and with so much intellectual destitution?

Immediate impeachment is more than imperative. Otherwise, the urgent resignation of JMB for good, never for evil. Or a social reaction at the height of the disaster we are living in.

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