Opinion: Thaís Oyama – Loyal audiences distance themselves from Bolsonaro, but he still melts by dropper

Neither the September 7 thug nor the 7-real gasoline were enough to knock out the popularity of Jair Bolsonaro. The president goes downhill, but at the pace of step by step.

Yesterday’s Datafolha showed that the ex-captain’s disapproval rose from 51% to 53%, a two-point fluctuation.

Bolsonaro has already taken a much worse fall.

In January, the lack of vaccines, the oxygen crisis in Manaus and the end of emergency aid threw the former captain into a maelstrom of dissatisfaction that reached every region of the country and every social class.

In that month, according to Datafolha, the president’s rating of “bad and awful” rose from 32 percent to 40 percent — a decrease of eight points.

But if Bolsonaro’s downfall is less this time, that shouldn’t be a relief to him.

Datafolha’s survey shows that, although the president melts with a dropper, this melting is constant and begins to undermine his electoral strengths.

The North, Midwest and South regions, where the former captain is traditionally better evaluated, are beginning to show signs of bad mood, as this column had already anticipated.

And, unfortunately for Bolsonaro, so do the evangelicals.

In this segment, says the institute, the approval of the former captain plummeted eight relevant points — it fell from 37% to 29%.

In his book “O Povo de Deus”, anthropologist Juliano Spyer gathers indicators that the former captain’s victory in the 2018 elections would not have occurred if it were not for the massive support he received from Protestants – more specifically, evangelicals from the Pentecostal and Neo-Pentecostal streams , and even more specifically, that of the female portion that adheres to these currents.

Today, the president’s popularity is basically supported by the tripod formed by root-pocketnarists, evangelical voters and so-called agro voters — residents of agricultural frontiers benefiting from high commodity prices and concentrated in the North, Midwest and South regions .

Although the last two ends show signs of beginning to wobble, in today’s photo, Bolsonaro, with 22% approval, remains in the running of the 2022 elections.

In what state he will arrive to play them, however, will depend on the rate at which the dropper drips.

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